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True Blends Opens at The Strip, Pasig City

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I was invited by my fellow foodie and good friend Stacy to try the newly-opened milk tea shop at The Strip, Ortigas: True Blends.

More than just a milk tea shop, True Blends also has the Cheese Cloud drinks, Yakult Series, Green Tea Series, Italian Soda, and Coffee! I'm glad that milk tea shops nowadays add non-milk tea drinks to their menu.

My friends had the Milk Tea Blends: Passionfruit (Php 60 for grande, Php 70 for venti), and Wintermelon (Php 60 for grande, Php 70 for venti). Killjoy me got a Mango Yakult (Php 85 for grande, Php 95 for venti).

We also got a Peach-Mango Yakult (Php 85 for grande, Php 95 for venti) and Lychee Nata Green Tea (Php 55 for grande, Php 65 for venti)

Lychee Nata Green Tea / Peach-Mango Yakult

All milk teas come with free pearls while all Yakult drinks come with free nata. :)

But what I like most in True Blends is the Cheese Cloud Series. We got to try the Oreo Dark Choco Cheese (Php 100 for grande, Php 110 for venti), but my ultimate favorite is the Dark Chocolate Cheese Cloud (Php 90 for grande, Php 100 for venti).

Oreo Dark Choco Cheese Cloud
Dark Chocolate Cheese Cloud

The cheese cloud is just smooth and creamy. I should ask for an extra shot next time.

Aside from the drinks, True Blends also serves sandwiches and sausages.

We got to try the Schublig Sausage (Php 120) and the Garlic Stuffed Bread (Php 25 per piece).

Schublig Sausage
Garlic Stuffed Bread

The Schublig Sausage was overwhelming in size and was really juicy. I'm bound to try the Hungarian next. For something light, you can have the Garlic Stuffed Bread. We tried the ones with cheese and ones with ham. :)

For sandwiches, we had the Hazelnut-Banana Sandwich (Php 55) and the Clubhouse Sandwich (Php 90).

Banana Hazelnut Sandwich
Clubhouse Sandwich

True Blends offers really affordable and yummy drinks. It's a plus that they also serve snacks. You can also pass time in this place as they also have free wifi. They also offer free deliveries within the area. I'd love to try the coffee drinks next time.

See the complete menu here.
Read the promo mechanics of their loyalty card promo here.

Thanks to Stacy Liong for having us.


True Blends
The Strip
Ortigas Avenue,
Pasig City
Opening Hours: 10:00AM to 8:00PM (Mon-Fri) / 10:00AM to 6:00PM (Sat)
Contact Nos.6977977, 0922-7311119, 09167343977
Facebook Page: trueblendsstrip
Twitter: @trueblendsstrip
Instagram: trueblendsstrip


  1. Uy mukhang ok ito ah. matry nga, malapit naman ito sa tin. by the way, ang ganda ng bagong lay out ng blog mo ah. :)

  2. Looks yumyum. Perfect for the summer! :) And affordable ha.

  3. yey... ang saya ng experience natin jan...

  4. made me so thirsty!! craving now for the peach mango yakult! (and also all the sandwiches and sausages - takaw lang :)

  5. Is this the one near Medical City? I want to try Lychee Nata. Sounds yummy and very affordable!

  6. Nakakagutom naman po :)

  7. Oh my! I wanna try those cloudy drinks. Whatever you call them. Hehe. Look so yummy!! :D

  8. Wow that looks absolutely yummy!!! And its quite affordable pa. I wanna try the dark chocolate one and the oreo dark choco cheese cloud. Do they have other branches? Thanks for the heads up. :)

    1. They have branches at Ateneo, The Fort and Ayala. :)

  9. Nice seeing you again Michi! At sa True Blends pa :D Love the drinks and of course, the bonding moment.

    1. It was nice seeing you again, Sumi! Kita-kits ulit! :)

  10. Di ba there's a coffe shop alsp called True Blends? In Megamall. Are they same company? =)

    1. That's called Blenz, I think. Nope, Blenz is an Australian brand. :)


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