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Levante Opens in Eastwood

VIP guests officially open Levante

Levante, The Mercato of the East, was officially launched last May 17, 2013. I was invited to grace this exciting event. Levante is the first collaboration of the Mercato Centrale Group with the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Group, to finally bring the night food market to Eastwood.

Levante opens every Friday, from 6:00pm to 3:00am at Eastwood Citywalk 2.

I am personally excited that the Mercato Centrale Group have opened a night food market near my office, as I trek to Makati for Cucina Andare several times since it opened.

Over 30 interesting food stalls, both old favorites and new vendors will be selling budget-friendly and delicious food in Levante.

Here are some of the food stalls that you'll find at Levante:

Twisted Desserts
Facebook Page: Twisted Desserts
Contact Nos. 09062460976, 09176208749

One of the newest food vendors, Twisted Desserts, sells Dig Deep Cups like 3K "Karrot", Oh-riffic, and Chocnut for Php 90 and S'monster for Php 120. They also create custom cakes like the piano cake they have on display. :)

Twisted Desserts custom cake

Facebook Page: Roasterrific
Twitter: @roasterrific
Contact No. 8816088

Roasterrific is located in Maginhawa Street, serving Filipino comfort food like Roasted Chicken, Noodles, and Herbalicious Lechon. I had the 1/4 Peking Style Roasted Chicken with Rice (Php 99).

Peking Style Roast Chicken

I wasn't expecting a lot, but this chicken surprised me. Loved it better with mild spicy sauce.

B Wings
Facebook Page: bwingsresto
Twitter: @bwingsresto

B Wings Caramelized Wings

Known as the "Home of The Black Mamba", B Wings has interesting flavors named P-Noy and B-Nay Wings (go figure why the flavors were named such. haha).

I bought a 5-pc Caramelized Wings (Php 120). Good thing they provide plastic gloves so we ate it using our hands.


Facebook Page: Gilipita

Healthy Chicken Pita and Healthy Beef Pita

Gilipita serves anything pita and hummus. Healthy Beef Pita (Php 160) and Healthy Chicken Pita (Php 150) is freshly prepared. There's also Scrambled Egg Pita and Vegetarian Healthy Pita for the health-conscious and Chocolate Spread Pita for people with a sweet tooth.

For burger lovers, there's Cheat Day by Ean's Grilled Burgers and Macheesemo Burgers.

From Cheat Day, I had Cheat Day Burger (Php 150), with 1/3 lb beef pattie stuffed with cheese.

Cheat Day Burger

Macheesemo Burgers is known for cheese-stuffed burgers. I'm intrigued with their secret burger seasoning, or whatever magic powder they use for the patties. I got their Macheesemo Classic (Php 130) while my friend had Macheesemo Melt (Php 160).

Macheesemo Burgers

I'm eating a lot of takoyaki lately and I got ecstatic when I saw this Takoyaki stall. An order is Php 70 for 4 pcs.


And I finally met Eat My GF! As a fries junkie, I have been longing to get my hands on those Garlic Fries. The Original GF (Php 79) is just legendary. More parmesan cheese please! :)

Original GF

Other food vendors are:

Crunchy Belly by Carlo's Kitchen
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

ManilaQ Frozen Treats
FMT Tacklings
Sinangag Trip
Chef Bab's Sisig for Php 120 per order
Schmidt's Coney Island Chili Dog for Php 145

Baked Goodies from Cakes by K

It was definitely food heaven!!! :)

The tables are just quite limited, hope they'll have space for more tables though. Can't wait to go back to Levante. :)


Opens every Friday
6:00PM to 3:00AM
Eastwood Citywalk 2
Facebook Page: LevanteEastwood
Twitter: @LevanteEastwood


  1. ay friday lang pala. work from home ako pag friday eh. hehehe. :) pero minsan pasok ako para dito.hahaha

  2. The smell from the crunchy belly, OMG! So mouth-watering :D

  3. I have tried the Crunchy Belly, the Hotdog, and GF... SO yum! I'm curious about the burgers now...

  4. ow em. nakakagutom. i love the customized cake so much :)

  5. So this was the event that I chose to skip, now I kind of regret it :(

    Those cakes and kebab! My god, they look yummy!

  6. Wow! So many choices and it's just nearby!

    Dying to try those fries! :)

  7. Punta tayo dito! Kakainggit naman...

  8. yay! among all, sa takoyaki talaga ako napatingin! my favorite! this had me gutom! hehe... :)

  9. Love the name, Twisted Desserts. Hehehe! I'm really digging (pun intended) their concept too. =)

    1. Yeah. I love it too. No need to worry about the mess too. :)


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