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Cova Tapas Y Sangria

Note: This restaurant is already closed.

It was the weekend, hence everyone would be going somewhere to hang-out and celebrate. That evening, I was giddy to arrive at Cova Tapas Y Sangria, as I was curious about this place for the longest time. I have read positive reviews from my fellow foodies that it even fired up my craving for this place.

Opened last January 2012, Cova Tapas Y Sangria serves Spanish dishes, particularly Catalan cuisine. As what I have researched, Spanish cuisine is divided into regions, which is very much like our own cuisine. Chef Patrick Hesse explained that each Spanish region has their own take on paella, tapas, and many more.

inside Cova

Cova is known for its impressive cave-like interiors. It made the whole space look more spacious, actually. I love the simple black and white theme as well. :)

Coming a bit late, the group was already enjoying their specialty Sangrias: Cova Red Sangria (Php 447 for 500mL, Php 895 for 1L) and Summer Peachy (Php 447 for 500mL, Php 895 for 1L).

 Summer Peachy Sangria and Cova Red Sangria

Sangria or wine punch is a typical Spanish drink that goes well with the tapas. I loved both sangrias but I'm a bit biased with the Summer Peachy.

We started with the toasts, paired with Jamon Serrano Mousse (Php 350) and Caviar Pie (Php 380).

Jamon Serrano Mousse
Caviar Pie

It was amazing on how the Jamon Serrano was made into something smooth but still maintains the taste. The Caviar Pie isn't something you should ignore too.

We also had the Mejillones al Vapor (Php 275) and Albondigas (Php 250).

Mejillones al Vapor

Mejillones al Vapor are mussels steamed in draft beer, lemon, bacon, parsley and garlic oil. We asked for more toasts so we can savor the sauce after we ate all the mussels. It was just delicious! Albondigas is spiced pork and beef meatballs with herbed tomato sauce. It was gone within seconds, I swear.

We were also served the Raciones: the bestselling Huevos Cabreados (Php 380) and the Tortilla de Cova (Php 380).

Huevos Cabreados

Tortilla de Cova

Huevos Cabreados has shoestring potatoes, chorizo, fried eggs, alioli and salsa brava. Our server mixed the dish before we started digging in. I honestly thought it was a simple potato dish, but I changed my mind after tasting it. No wonder almost every table ordered this. The Tortilla de Cova is made up of eggs, potatoes, onion, Asturian blood sausage, olive oil and paprika. Yes, it's quite similar to omelettes. The insides were still wet when we got a slice, it was also gone quick.

Chef Patrick also made us try some off-the-menu dishes: the Lomo Iberico Schnitzel and the Pluma Iberica a la Plancha.

Pluma Iberica a la Plancha
Lomo Iberico Schnitzel

Both dishes came from pata negra, or pure acorn-fed black hood Iberian pigs. Lomo Iberico Schnitzel is breaded and deep-fried pata negra pork loin then served with balsamic cream and lemon. I loved it that I made had to go back a few times to the table where it was served to grab more. Pluma Iberica a la Plancha is the tail end of the tenderloin of the pata negra cooked with parsley oil and garlic. One can easily mistake this as beef, but it's really pork.

We also got to try some of Cova's Paella: the Arroz Negro (Php 600 for 2-3 persons, Php 1000 for 4-5 persons) and Paella de Mariscos (Php 600 for 2-3 persons, Php 1000 for 4-5 persons).

Arroz Negro
Paella de Mariscos

Chef Patrick explains that Catalan Paella is cooked wet, almost similar to risotto. I actually prefer this than paella with tutong. Arroz Negro is cooked with squid ink, topped with soft shell crab, mussels, shrimps and alioli while Paella de Mariscos has shrimps, mussels, squid, clams and chorizo. I loved both paellas that I'd love to try the other paellas in the menu.

I was quite full at this point that I wouldn't even bother to have dessert, but then we were served Chocolate Guinness ice cream by Pinkerton to cap our evening.

Chocolate Guinness Ice Cream by Pinkerton

I love how the Guinness mixes well with the pure Chocolate flavor. You should miss this when you visit Cova.

I was left astounded by every dish we had at Cova. Every dish was beautifully presented and delicious. The ambiance was relaxing that I'd love to bring my friends here for good conversations over sangrias and excellent food.

Check out Cova's Daily Specials:
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Thanks to Chef Patrick Hesse and Tatyana Guevarra for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event.


Cova Tapas Y Sangria
22 Jupiter St. Jupiter, Makati City
Contact No.4789700
Facebook Page


  1. The dishes do really look good, too bad I wasn't able to go. I'm very much intrigued with that Caviar Pie. Hope to go there soon.

    1. Too bad you're still unavailable that time, Guia. :( See you soon!

  2. I think I'd skip right to the ice cream. You could lock me up in that place, and I'd be happily devouring all that chocolatey goodness. Now I know where to escape to. Jupiter's not so far from where I live.

  3. OMG!! Tha place is heaven!!!! their dishes looks goooood!!!!! :D I wan't to try it there too <3

  4. I wish I'm in Manila to try these. I'm in gensan now and there's no authentic Spanish restaurant here. I'm especially curious about the caviar pie.

  5. What an interesting place! The caviar pie looks delicious, I wonder how it tastes like?


  6. spanish cuisine is something na di ko pa natry. im always intimidated cause i think its so pricey. but it looks so sulit naman :D

    1. We share the same sentiments. But thinking about it, the dishes were reasonably-priced naman. :)


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