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Bonding at Cafe Dozo

Blogging has given me more than I expected. Aside from being an avenue for sharing my adventures, blogging has given me opportunities to meet lots of wonderful people. One of them is Zaizai, who incidentally lives near me. :)

A good friend, Lance, was telling me about Cafe Dozo for quite a long time that I thought it was perfect to have dinner with Zai there. As far as I know, there isn't a lot of decent Japanese restos in Antipolo City. The last time I've been to a Jap resto within the area was Tamagoya (a ramen place), so I was more than excited that there's Cafe Dozo, which is just a trike ride away from my place.

inside Cafe Dozo

Cafe Dozo is a small resto located near Lico Park. The area is a string of restos so you wouldn't miss it. There weren't too many people when we arrived, so I chose to sit in the mezzanine area for some privacy. 

We were supposed to keep it light, but we ended up ordering, well, quite a lot.

For appetizers, we had the Potato Balls (Php 80) and Gyoza (Php 80)

Potato Balls

I didn't expect that the Potato Balls were that huge. It comes with a sweet and sour sauce. I found the gyoza a little oily, maybe it wasn't cooked properly.

We also had Mix Maki (Php 120), Tonkatsu (Php 80) and Ebi Tempura.

Mix Maki
Ebi Tempura

The Mix Maki doesn't look that appetizing, but it was good enough for the price. Because I have a fondness for anything deep-fried, I liked the Ebi Tempura and Tonkatsu enough. :)

On the other hand, Zai ordered a Tonkatsudon, a tonkatsu rice topping with egg.


The dishes we had weren't exactly amazing for me, or maybe I just had high expectations for this place. Anyway, the staff was really accommodating and the prices are quite affordable. It makes me happy that I have a place to go to for my Japanese cravings.

More than the dinner, I was really happy I met Zai. We ended up talking a lot that we realized it was already midnight. Wish to see you again soon, Zai! :)


Cafe Dozo Japanese Restaurant
28 L. Sumulong Memorial Circle
(near Lico Park & Gems Hotel)
Antipolo City

Another location is at Rublou Marketplace, Brookside, Cainta


  1. Do they also have ramen and udon dishes? That's the writing on the lanterns. And I like those prices!

  2. Oh my golly. Those food just makes me go "ooooh", "aaaahhh" ^_^

    1. That makes me think about something else.hahaha!

  3. potato balls for the win! :D

  4. aren't gyoza and potato balls too heavy for appetizers?

  5. I read somewhere that if you want to make sure a Japanese restaurant's really good, you should check if there are a lot of Japanese expats and tourists visiting the place. =)

  6. Antipolo really is one of the good drives to go look for some non-mainstream foodie finds. We really have to go back there :)

  7. oh my... i'm drooling... :||| haha! yummy! wow sana ako din may makameet na blogger <3

  8. Nice bonding with co blogger:)

  9. ah blogging bond. cool :-)

    i dont know ive been here in japan for so long but i'm still not into tonkatsu and maki haha

  10. Fun night! Hope to hang out and try some more Japanese (or any kind of food, really) with you Michy! :)

  11. just discovered this place recently. two words: nice and sulit!

    p.s. we live in the same area. :)


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