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Yellow Cab Pizza's New Galapeño Tango

My kid brother and I love pizza. So whenever he requests that we have pizza delivered at home, it doesn't take much to convince me (unless I don't have cash.hehe). I remember the last time we got Yellow Cab at home, my bro took a bite of the Hot Wings, and well, you know what happened next. :P

I was happy that Yellow Cab Pizza recently introduced Galapeño Tango.

Galapeño Tango is a combination of Garlic Parmesan Wings and Jalapeño Potato Wedges, giving the tastebuds a dance of flavors. Galapeño Tango bundles are Php 345 for 4 pcs, Php 480 for 6 pcs, and Php 880 for 12 pcs. You may also have each offering ala carte.

Galapeño Tango (12 pcs)
Galapeño Tango (4 pcs)

Jalapeño Potato Wedges (Php 165) are smaller sized potato wedges with Jalapeño flavor served with bleu cheese dip.

Jalapeño Potato Wedges
I really have a low tolerance for spicy food. Though I think I'm getting used to eating a lot of spicy things, I'll never say no to Garlic Parmesan Wings. What I really like about Yellow Cab Wings is the full size, so you'll get to enjoy more chicken. I love the combination of flavor from the garlic butter sauce and parmesan cheese. A hungry me might just finish a dozen. :P Garlic Parmesan Wings (ala carte) are Php 255 for 4 pcs, Php 370 for 6 pcs, and Php 730 for 12 pcs.

You can also enjoy the Galapeño Tango with your favorite pizza and pasta with Galapeño Fleets!

Four Seasons Pizza

Galapeño Fleet A (Php 2800, good for 10-12 persons)
- One (1) 18" Pizza, any variant
- Four (4) Pasta, any choice
- One (1) 12 pcs Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings
- Two (2) Pitchers of Coca-Cola
- One (1) Jalapeño Potato Wedges

Galapeño Fleet B (Php 1400, good for 4 persons)
- One (1) 14" Pizza, any variant
- Two (2) Pasta, any choice
- One (1) 4 pcs Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings + Jalapeño Potato Wedges
- One (1) Pitcher of Coca-Cola

New York's Finest
Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta
Chicken Alfredo Pasta & Spaghetti and Meatballs

Galapeño Fleets are available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

My fellow foodies and I also got to try their pizzas: Four Seasons and New York's Finest. We also had their pasta: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, and their signature pasta, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta.

Galapeño Tango will be available at all Yellow Cab stores until April 30, 2013, but I do hope they'll extend it or put it on their menu permanently because I so love the Garlic Parmesan Wings! :)

Have you tried Yellow Cab's Galapeño Tango?

Thanks to Yellow Cab Pizza and to Buensalido & Associates for having us.


Yellow Cab Pizza
Eastwood City Walk 1,
Eastwood Cyberpark,
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
For delivery, call 7899999
Facebook: YellowCabPizzaOfficial
Twitter: @ycpizzaofficial


  1. I love Chicken Alfredo and Charlie Chan without the nuts... Love!

  2. we tried the wings but it was bland and so oily.. i'll stick to charlie chan and pizza nalang

  3. we were about to try that but decided to against it because someone in our group was kind of feeling off about time sana matuloy na. :)))

  4. I'd love to try those garlic parmesan wings! :) and of course my ever favorite charlie chan! :)

    1. Charlie Chan seems to be everyone's favorite. :)

  5. Am gonna try this one soon.. Though I still go for Charlie Chan.. may all time favorite from Yellow Cab.

  6. gusto ko man! pero all time favorite ko parin yung dear darla hihih

  7. Hi Michy,

    Thank you again for coming and we hope to see you in our future events! :)

    Best regards,
    Kat Lopez

  8. Aha, mukang masarap yung bagong flavor ng wings. Too bad, wala na yung Yellow Cab sa Victory mall. Sa Eastwood office na lang muna ko mag try niyan.

    1. Seriously?!? I didn't know that. I haven't checked Victory mall for quite a while.

  9. Woah. Looking good. I hope they will have this in my country soon.

  10. buti na lang may malapit na branches dito! want to try the galapeno tango :)

    you must try dear darla, it's my fave too (gaya gaya kay ser mots hehe)

  11. Hi Michy,

    Our Galapeno TANGO is extended until 15 May 2013. :) Come visit us again. :)


    Best regards,
    Kat Lopez


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