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Affordable Japanese Food at Suzu Kin EDSA

Note: This location is already closed. 

A few months ago, I was introduced to this quaint Japanese resto in Kamagong Street in Makati called Suzu Kin. I was really impressed with how delicious yet affordable the dishes were. I couldn't be any happier when Spanky told me that we will be having a weekend lunch at their only branch at Quezon City.

Located along EDSA, the Suzu Kin sign isn't difficult to spot. This branch is actually the only franchise of Suzu Kin. Leslie, Suzu Kin EDSA's owner, shared that it took Mrs. Suzu Kin a lot of convincing because previous franchises weren't successful. The original owners were hands-on in helping them in the kitchen and were strict with all the food preparations.

inside Suzu Kin

Compared to the Makati location, this place has modern Japanese-inspired interiors and high ceilings. Our group dined at the videoke room at the mezzanine. You can have the videoke room for at least Php 3500 worth of food.

it's videoke time!!! :)

We started with my favorite, California Maki (Php 198 for 12 pcs). We also had some sashimi: Tuna Sashimi (Php 175) and Salmon Sashimi (Php 205). I also enjoyed munching on the anchovies.

California Maki
Tuna Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi

We also had deep-fried Japanese specialties: Oyster Furai (Php 181), Tonkatsu (Php 155), and Ebi Tempura (Php 200).

Oyster Furai

Ebi Tempura

I just love their Ebi Tempura! I still can't believe that it can be that affordable. You may order additional rice and soup for Php 40. :)

We were also served noodles, Yaki Soba (Php 129), and Cold Hiyashi Soba / Somon (Php 162).

Yaki Soba
Cold Hiyashi Soba / Somon

A must-try dish is the Cold Hiyashi Soba, which are thin brown noodles with special sauce. You can only find this dish at this particular branch. :)

For donburi or rice toppings, we tried the Gyudon (Php 159) and Chicken Teriyaki Don (Php 198).

Chicken Teriyaki Don

They made the Gyudon a bit more interesting with some sotanghon mixed with beaten egg. I loved the sweetness of the Chicken Teriyaki as well.

A visit to Suzu Kin wouldn't be complete if you wouldn't try the Yaki Meshi or Fried Rice (Php 68).

Yaki Meshi

For a little bit of everything, you can have the All-Day Everyday Meal (Php 123) or the Suzu Kin Super Meal (Php 210).

All-Day Everyday Meal

All-Day Everyday Meal has Chicken Furai, Ebi Tempura, Fried Dilis, Pork Kushi Yaki, Tuna Steak, rice, and soup.

Suzukin Super Meal

Suzu Kin Super Meal has Ebi Tempura, Yaki Udon, Sakana Furai, Tamago Sashimi, Crabsticks, rice, and soup. Both meals are really worth the price.

We wouldn't miss having the Suzu Kin Specialties: Dashimaki (Php 119), Oyster Butter (Php 194), and Beef Garlic (Php 172).


Dashimaki is a type of Japanese omelet. It's a bit on the sweet side, which I really liked.

Beef Garlic
Oyster Butter

I had Oyster Butter and Beef Garlic the first time I went to Suzu Kin. Both of these dishes are must-tries when you visit Suzu Kin. I love the simplicity and flavor of both dishes.

For desserts, we had Coffee Jelly (Php 80) and Frozen Leche Flan (Php 80).

Coffee Jelly
Leche Flan

The Coffee Jelly has a generous scoop of cookies and cream ice cream on top. The Frozen Leche Flan is just creamy and milky. I love that it wasn't too sugary. Other desserts available are Green Tea Ice Cream and Green Tea Ice Cream Tempura.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are both available at SuzuKin EDSA. They also have milk tea in original, taro, and chocolate.

It was an amazing lunch with my fellow foodies at one of the hole-in-wall places that really impressed me. Suzu Kin proves that delicious food and good service need not be expensive.

I'd definitely go back soon! :)

Thanks to Ms. Leslie Dela Cruz for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event.


Suzu Kin Japanese Restaurant
EDSA corner NIA-PDEA Road
(at the Shell Service Station),
Quezon City

Facebook Page: Suzukin EDSA

Another branch is at Kamagong, Makati City


  1. The prices are really cheap. I can't imagine what deep-dried oyster tastes like though. hmmm.

  2. I love beef garlic...and leche flan of course... Wow QC lang...

  3. Prices are a steal! :-) Thanks for sharing this delicious Jap resto

    1. I know right? Hope you'll try SuzuKin soon! :)

  4. The pictures on the wall caught my eyes. :)

    Leche flan! Yum!

  5. Wow! Very affordable. I remember seeing this while walking along Kamagong (after pigging out at Pat Pat Kansi). I'll try the Makati branch soon :)

  6. Konti ng salmon sashimi. Bitin ako nyan. Hehehe! =)

    1. You can order more.hahaha. I remember I requested for another serving of the Cali Maki. :)

  7. Nakagugutom. >.< I'll definitely try this place out! Japanese food is my weakness. xD

  8. Hi. Haven't passed that particular stretch of EDSA coming from Timog-GMA 7 going to SM North EDSA-Monumento. Is Suzu Kin EDSA still open? A friend told me it closed already. Is this true? If yes, that would be very sad.

    1. Hi Rory, unfortunately this branch is already closed (I need to update this page). :(

      However, you can still visit their Makati branch.


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