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Smokin' Hot BarBQ: Global Filipino Cuisine (now Siklab)

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 
Note: This restaurant was renamed to Siklab 

The Bistro Group has recently opened its first Filipino concept restaurant, Smokin Hot BarBQ, which just opened this month.

The 140-seater resto looks very simple yet classy, which can also be said with their take on our favorite Filipino dishes. I'm a huge fanatic of anything grilled, and I was really excited to try what Smokin Hot BarBQ had to offer.


We begin our feast with carnivorous treats Crispy Bacon Belly (Php 220) and Pork Sisig Wraps (Php 225).

Crispy Bacon Belly
Pork Sisig Wraps

Crispy Bacon Belly is bacon-cut pork belly, with charcoal salt and garlic salt on the side. It was gone as soon as it was served. I love the crispiness of this dish, it is definitely a must-try! I'm used to eating Pork Sisig even without rice, but I haven't tried wrapping it with a grilled tortilla. Clever, right?

Another starter dish we had is the Kuhol sa Gata (Php 215)

Kuhol sa Gata

This was another milestone for me as I haven't tried eating kuhol before, but it was too inviting to ignore. Though eating snails is kinda tough for me, it was worth it. The gata was also delicious! :)

Hearty Salads

For salads, we had Ensaladang Mangga (Php 85) and Pako Salad (Php 135).

Ensaladang Mangga
Pako Salad

Ensaladang Mangga is shredded green mangoes with shrimp paste or bagoong while Pako Salad is fresh ferns with grated coconut, native white cheese, and diced tomato tossed in a homemade vinaigrette. Pako Salad is a staple in other provinces, like Baler. I used to ignore this before, but after trying this version, I'll dare not ignore this. It was just refreshing and best partnered with grilled dishes.

Simmering Soups

For soup dishes, we had Sinampalukang Manok (Php 260) and Bulalo (Php 445).

Sinampalukang Manok

Sinampalukang Manok is chicken drumettes in tamarind leaves and ginger, I could taste the sourness of this dish just from the aroma. An absolute favorite is the Bulalo, with tender beef shank and beef brisket on flavorful broth, I'll never tire of having Bulalo.

BarBQ and Roast

We didn't miss on trying their grilled specialties. We got to try their Pork BarBQ (Php 220) and Grilled Pig's Ear (Php 265).

Pork BarBQ
Grilled Pig's Ear

Pork BarBQ is 2 skewers of pork marinated in their house BarBQ sauce. I love the sweetness of the marinade, that even the kids will love this. Grilled Pig's Ear brings me back to my college years when I used to buy inihaw na tenga, along with barbecue and inihaw na balat from our fave street vendor. It is a delight to have this with something cold, a beer, or a soda.

We also had Smokin BarBQ Chicken (Php 225 for a quarter, Php 365 for half, Php 756 for whole), and Tuna Belly (Php 295).

Smokin BarBQ Chicken
Tuna Belly

I wasn't too happy with the Smokin BarBQ Chicken, I guess it needed to be marinated longer. For something healthy, you can have the Tuna Belly, which is also marinated in house barBQ sauce.

Fiesta Favorites
We also had Filipino staples like Pinakbet (Php 135) and Dinuguan (Php 325).


Dinuguan is one of the dishes my mom cooks very well that's why I'm a little choosy when it comes to this dish. It tasted good and could be better if served with puto. The Pinakbet was cooked beautifully, with pork crackling on top.

Rice Reloaded

Smokin Hot BarBQ serves a variety of rice that can also be a stand-alone meal. We had the Aligue Rice (Php 155), Black Rice (Php 165), and Dulong Rice (Php 195).

Aligue Rice
Dulong Rice
Black Rice

Aligue Rice is tossed with crab fat, Black Rice is cooked in squid ink while Dulong Rice is stir-fried in fried dulong, black beans, green mangoes, and crispy pork skin. Most of the foodies loved the Black Rice, but I loved the Dulong Rice more. :)

Thirst Quenchers

While enjoying their food, I indulged myself with their Fresh Fruit Shakes (Php 110), particularly Watermelon and Ripe Mango.

Naturally, I also had a cup of Latte (Php 85). My friend Gerry (again, naturally) had an Apple Mojito (Php 85).
Apple Mojito

Other available beverages are Healthy Drinks, Beers, and Cocktails by the Glass and by the Liter. :)

All Filipino Desserts

To end our awesome dinner, we had Biko (Php 195) and Turon 2.0 (Php 175).


It is our traditional sticky rice made better with chocolate soil and white latik. It's on the heavy side so 3-4 people can share this dessert.

Turon 2.0

What really got me is the Turon 2.0, which is banana ice cream with banana compote on homemade brandy snaps. I am just amazed by the modern twist they did with my beloved turon. You shouldn't miss this when you visit Smokin Hot BarBQ.

I actually waited for more than a month to try this resto, and after having this feast, it was really worth the wait. The dishes are surprisingly affordable and delicious. I can bring my Dad here and I'm sure he'll love it. I can't wait to go back and even try their other specialties.

Thanks to Bistro Group for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event.


Smokin Hot BarBQ
3rd Level
Esperanza Street,
Greenbelt 3
Makati City
Contact Nos.7297431 to 32
Facebook Page: SmokinHotBarBQ


  1. Yummm!! I want to try, Pinoy food rocks talaga :D Turon 2.0 looks soooo gooooooooody good.

  2. OHMYG!!!! i'm staring in your turon 2.0!! the best way to enjoy ice cream! nakakabusog pa. grabe sarap niyan! :)

    from Myxilog with love <3

  3. Crispy Bacon Belly is love!!!

    I wanna try Bulalo and Sisig... Yummy!

    You never fail o make me crave! argh...

  4. the Ensaladang Mangga seems exciting to try!
    na curios ako.. saan gawa ang pako salad? hehe... :)

  5. All the pictures look so delectable that it made me so hungry right now!!! And that sisig wrap looks very interesting to try :D

    1. It's delicious, hope you'll visit soon, Andrew! ;)

  6. omg, is that pako an arocep? i waaaaannnttt!

  7. All local foods are here! Looks delicious and you made my butterflies hungry! Miss eating local foods!

  8. I knew there was going to be sisig! Parang part tlga yan ng Filipino cuisine. Also, pako has always been one of my favorite green leafy veggie. The best tlga ang Filipino food!

  9. I just love the desserts we have, nothing beats an old school snack like latik and biko this time with crushed chocolates...hope to see again Michy!

    1. Nothing beats tradition. See you again soon, Joy! :)


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