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Save22: For the Frugal Pinoy

I love doing the grocery. 

I find it more practical to buy in bulk than run to the convenience store each and every time I need something. I also keep tabs on which grocery has lower prices, same goes when I have to buy a new gadget, like a camera or a laptop.

I have recently discovered Save22 Philippines (, a price comparison app and website that keep tabs on prices of products from different stores around the metro. Save22 originated in Singapore and is responsible for making prices lower in their country.

Available on Android and iOS, you can scan the bar code or type the name of the product to see which store has the least expensive price.

Aside from groceries and gadgets, Save22 also keeps you updated on the prices of home & office equipment and even fuel! It is a really useful app and website for everyone.

I find Save22 Philippines really helpful in budgeting my shopping expenses. Consumers can also update the prices of the products via the app.

For more information, check out

Have you checked out Save22? Do you find it useful? :)


  1. Wow thank you for sharing... super useful! I just checked the site...

  2. Okay toh ah. Halo-halo kasi prices sa mga supermarket eh. Now atleast alam mo na.

  3. just downloaded it and my mom already wants me to join her to the grocery. thanks for the great app find :D

  4. Oh I'll check this out. Perfect for thrifty shoppers like me. :) Sana effective din to sa cebu.

    1. I haven't checked if they have Cebu, but I hope they do. :)


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