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Latest Discovery: Mila Flores Special Pitchy Pitchy

My family and I were on our way to the supermarket to do our weekly groceries when I chanced upon this stall called Mila Flores Special Pitchy Pitchy. I was craving for pichi-pichi for quite a while so I bought a box after we finished doing our groceries.

Pichi-pichi is a Filipino native dessert made of cassava or kamoteng kahoy and usually topped with coconut shavings. Back in grade school, I would usually buy a piece of pichi-pichi after lunch. If the canteen doesn't have pichi-pichi during lunch, I really get sad.

Though I love coconut shavings on pichi-pichi, I love it more with cheese. Who doesn't? I think everyone goes crazy whenever there's Amber's or Arny Dading's Pichi-Pichi in office parties.

As told by the guy manning the stall, Mila Flores is originally from Malabon City.

I bought Mila Flores Pitchy Pitchy for Php 150 for 24 pieces. I excitedly ate a piece as soon as we got home.

It wasn't as sweet compared to the Amber's and Arny Dading's, but it was as generously topped with cheese like other known brands. I guess the rest of the family liked it too as the box was almost empty after 2 days.

The Mila Flores stall also sells jars of halo-halo ingredients, which is perfect if you want to create your own halo-halo at home. In case you haven't seen one, a jar contains almost all the halo-halo ingredients, which is more convenient than buying those ingredients separately. I think the halo-halo jars are also from Malabon since my mom usually orders them from her colleague from Malabon.

Will I buy this again? Of course, but I'll buy an extra bar of cheese in the supermarket because I want more cheese! :)


Mila Flores Special Pitchy Pitchy
Robinson's Supermarket,
Robinson's Metro East,
Pasig City

Other locations:
149 General Luna Street,
Malabon City
Contact No.2814657

855 M. Naval Street,
Sipac Almacen,
Navotas City
Contact No.3518202


  1. mukhang masarap. :)Salamat sa pagShare ng contact details.

  2. Looks yummy! Want to try it but their branches are far from our place.

    1. That's too bad. But I hope they'll open more branches. :)

  3. natawa naman ako sa more cheese! haha. bongga talaga ang pichy-pichy with cheese :)

  4. I hope may branch sila sa Galeria. I'll go check this Sunday. It looks delicious. I love Amber's kasi.

    1. I hope so too, but please do check it out at Metro East. :)

  5. Wahahah. you're such a cheese adik! I'm craving for pichi-pichi right now. My lola use to make one. But it's the first time I've seen them topped with cheese. Also, I thought they only last for a day?

    1. It's good for a few days as long as you refrigerate it. :)


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