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Itoy's Coffee Haus, Puerto Princesa

After our dinner at Skybox, my friends and I went to Itoy's Coffee Haus for a nightcap. It was mentioned by our guide during the city tour that Itoy's is one of the most popular coffee shops in the city.

inside Itoy's Coffee Haus

Itoy's is a cozy cafe located at the near the Palawan Provincial Capitol. The coffee shop both has alfresco & indoor areas and even has free wi-fi. The place was really crowded compared to the resto where we had dinner. Unlike other coffee shops, most customers here come in huge groups.

We weren't in the mood to have desserts so we had drinks here instead. 

My friends had some cold drinks, my friends had a medium Kapeng Halo Con Chokolate (Php 145) and a medium Mango Shake (Php 85).

Kapeng Halo Con Chokolate
Mango Shake

Their names for the frappes are kinda interesting, my friend found it good enough for its price. However, the mango shake looks too watered down.

For hot drinks, my friend ordered a mug of Chamomile Tea Latte (Php 95) while I had Ricean Coffee (Php 45).

Chamomile Tea Latte
Ricean Coffee

So what's Ricean Coffee? It's simply rice coffee. It doesn't contain coffee so it doesn't have caffeine, but it was amazing how it tastes like coffee with a hint of aroma of cooked rice. I miss my caffeine but the Ricean Coffee isn't a bad choice.

I just saw packs of rice coffee at the grocery so you might want to try it if you're trying to lessen your caffeine intake.

I noticed that Itoy's Coffee Haus also serves regular meals. If I had known that before, we should have had dinner here instead.
The ambiance was relaxing and the prices are reasonable. However, an overhaul for the logo will be nice. :)


Itoy's Coffee Haus
Rizal Avenue,
Centro de Benito Y Aliva Commercial Complex
Bgy. Maningning,
Puerto Princesa City


  1. For a coffee lover like me, I should try this... Kaya lang malayo...hehehe

  2. love the place! :) sarap tumambay! hehe

    we tried to make ricean coffee before, and yes it does taste like a real coffee, then we made teas and so much more, i really love laboratory subjects. hihi

    from Myxilog with love <3

    1. yes po :) super easy peasy! sinangag (fry without oil) po namin yung bigas or corn kernel or mongo, etc until masunog siya, then we put sugar pero konti konti lang po. basta hanggang maging black na siya. pero mas like ko po yung tea kesa coffee :)

  3. Interesting po yung tea latte hah :)

  4. Interesting thing that rice coffee a. I've seen some before pero I thought they also had caffeine in it. Wonder how they made it to taste like coffee. =)

  5. ive never tried rice coffee before and never been to peurto prinsesa too :) seems like im missing a lot :)

  6. matatamis ang drinks sa pagka-alala ko pero great ambiance.... Memorable sina lolo at lola sa counter since we used to have the same dolls as kids... :)

  7. logo din una kong napansin haha.


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