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Dakasi Opens in Dela Rosa, Makati

I was recently invited to the grand launch of Dakasi at their newest branch at Dela Rosa Carpark, Makati City.  Since I'm not that huge with milk tea (my tummy doesn't like it), I brought my milk tea fanatic friend Rhoda with me. Upon checking their menu, Dakasi also serves a huge variety of non-milk tea drinks, which I was excited to try.

inside Dakasi Dela Rosa

Dakasi is a Taiwanese milk tea brand with locations at China, Hongkong, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and The Philippines. The first Dakasi location here in the country opened last February 2012 and now has 19 branches inside and outside the metro.

We were given a demo on how to do a Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea, their signature drink. One of the owners, Aldrich, emphasizes that they keep their teas at a certain temperature and they do their own sugar. Geeky me was super amazed with the 25-second shaking machine, it keeps the taste of the drinks consistent. There was even a 45-second challenge for the milk tea maker, who made it just in time. :)

Aldrich explaining the process of milk tea making
the amazing shaking machine!

Dexter, one of the owners, encouraged us to try whatever drinks we want to try and so we did. :)

For the first batch, my friend and I had their Specialty Drinks: Classic Milk Tea (Php 90, large) and Chocolate Cereal Milk (Php 90, large).

Classic Milk Tea and Chocolate Cereal Milk

The Classic Milk Tea is one alternative if you aren't into pearls (like my friend). The Chocolate Cereal Milk is more of cold breakfast drink, it is simple yet refreshing.

For the second batch, we had Blueberry Milk Tea (Php 90, regular) and Yakult Peach (Php 100, regular)

Blueberry Milk Tea (in front)
Yakult Peach

Blueberry Milk Tea is one of their Special Milk Tea flavors. Other flavors include Taro, Okinawa, Oreo, Honeydew and more. Yakult Peach is one of their newest flavors, though I'm still acquiring my taste  for Yakult drinks, I could say that I liked this one a lot.

Aside from the drinks, we were served snacks like chocolate popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, nachos and other sandwiches. 

Dakasi offers other cold drinks like Matcha Tea, Iced Tea, Iced Drinks, Fresh Tea, Fruity Yoghurt Drinks and Smoothies. For hot drinks, they have Creamy Milk Drinks, Hot Tea and even Coffee! :)

Dakasi will be opening more branches in the future and would begin serving food (like sandwiches) and more drinks in the future.

Have you tried Dakasi? What's your favorite Dakasi drink?

Thanks to Liz Lanuzo and to the owners of Dakasi Philippines for having us.


Carpark 1
Dela Rosa Street
(near the corner of Perea Street)
Makati City
Facebook Page: DakasiPH
Twitter: @DakasiPH

Other locations include Market Market, ATC, Robinsons Place Manila, Trinoma, Greenhills and many more


  1. my regrets I didn't tried their milk teas when I visited Manila back then. huhuhu

    from Myxilog with love. <3

    1. They have provincial branches too, please check out their website and fb page for the list. :)

  2. I am a kilk tea person and I will try this... Malapit lang sa office...

  3. hala what time ka nandito?
    pumasok kami ng friend ko dito (hindi kami invited) para lang kaming naliligaw hahaha! sabi kasi nya Star City milktea daw lol. pero lumabas din kami kagad.

    wala manlang ako natikman na milk tea hehe..

    1. After lunch. :) Yeah, looks a lot like the Star City logo.hehehe. :)

  4. blueberry milk tea is now on my list. the honeydew flavor was really good!

  5. aww this is so near our office. must visit this soon. :) I'd like to try the original one and the chocolate variant :D

  6. na excite naman ako bigla dun sa yakult peach!
    I think they have a nice setting of their place :)

    1. They really have. Hope they'll open a branch at CDO so you can try. :)

  7. I love milk teas! I've seen their small booth in TriNoma but haven't tried yet.

  8. I've become fond of milk tea (only recently). Haha. Nice treats they have. :)

    I'd love to try Yakult Peach.

    1. Have you seen a Dakasi branch there in Indonesia? :)

  9. They're quick to open new chains! I'm loving milk teas too. Teas, in general. I want to try yakult peach too! three distinct ingredients in one: milk, tea, and yakult. I wonder how it tastes like.

    1. Yakult Peach doesn't have milk aside from yakult itself. :)

  10. I tried Dakasi at Market Market last month. It was ok. Not a fan lang din talaga of milk teas e. Hehhee! =)


  11. Naglalakad ako from the bank when I saw this branch....

    I have to try this brand sometime soon... Meron din silang branch sa Market! Market!

    1. Yes, they have a branch in Market Market. :) Hope you'll give this a try soon! :)

  12. I love milktea! And this one is in Dela Rosa, few blocks away from where I work so I'd definitely give this one a try.


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