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Boodle Fight @ Bilao at Palayok, Puerto Princesa

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

After spending the day island hopping in Honda Bay, my friends and I were given the rest of the afternoon to take some rest before we headed out again for dinner. I think the sun got me really tired that I slept for 3 hours. Hahaha! :P

Our travel agent, Tiara, brought us to this place called Bilao at Palayok for our dinner. 

Bilao at Palayok is as native as its name. It was like a huge Bahay Kubo complete with native furniture. We decided to have our dinner Pinoy style and chose the low table.

inside Bilao at Palayok

We had the Boodle Feast (Php 950), which is good for 4-5 people. I say it is good for more than that.

Boodle Feast!

The Boodle Feast has pork sisig, grilled squid, laing, salted egg salad, sweet grilled pork, chicken adobo, fried tawilis, or lamayo, 3 pieces steamed crab, boneless bangus and rice. Forget about using fork and spoon,  it's boodle, man, use your hands. Anyway, there are hand washing areas in the resto to keep your hands clean.

It was definitely a treat for both seafood fans and carnivores. I love the sisig, liempo, boneless bangus, and salted egg salad while my friends demolished the steamed crabs and grilled squid. 

We also had leche flan and smoothies after the boodle feast.

Our dinner at Bilao at Palayok was truly memorable. The service was great (you have to ring the bell to call their attention, wise!), and the boodle feast was exceptional yet very affordable. A little improvement could be made with the desserts but aside from that, everything was impressive. They also have other boodle sets for smaller groups, so if ever you're in Puerto Princesa, you should visit this place. :)

Again, thanks to Tiara for this feast. 


Bilao at Palayok
Rizal Avenue,
Puerto Princesa City

Thanks to Nico Claudio for the other photos


  1. boodle fight are always fun! sarap lantakin nung crabs! lalo na pag may tomatoes? ayyy! ang saraaap! :)

  2. Ay ang sarap naman :)

  3. It's really affordable. I'm eyeing that set of crabs and I see there's plenty of rice! I bet this is perfect after a long day of touring!

    1. More than enough for the four of us, actually. :)

  4. This is amazing. Would definitely treat my family here when I get my first pay from my first job, which will happen in the next 3 years, sadly. Haha.


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