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Delightful Treat from Ang Mo Kio!

Here's a delicious offer from Ang Mo Kio: Singaporean Hawker Cuisine

You can celebrate the Chinese New Year with your family and friends at Ang Mo Kio at a very affordable group meal. :)

Ang Mo Kio's Whole Hainanese Chicken

This meal is complete with 1 Whole Hainanese or Roasted Chicken, 6 Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chicken Soup, 6 Iced Lemon Tea, and Bok Choy Vegetable with Oyster Sauce. For less than Php 150 per person, this is quite a steal!

In my opinion, Ang Mo Kio has one of the best tasting Hainanese Chicken I've ever tried.

Visit Ang Mo Kio now!


Ang Mo Kio Singapore Hawker Cuisine
3rd Level
The Podium
12 ADB Avenue,
Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @AngMoKiofood

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  1. Oh wow. Yummy naman! better than wee nam kee??

    1. I haven't tried Wee Nam Kee so I couldn't tell. But I love Ang Mo Kio's Hainanese Chicken! :)

  2. My mom says this place is really good. Btw, Ang Mio Kio is the town right next to our current place in Singapore. Hehehe! =)

    1. Nice! You should give this a try when you get home. :)


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