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Classic Italian at Amici

Amici has been on my must-visit list for quite a long time and it was only recently that I crossed it out my ever-growing list.

As everyone knows, Amici was founded by a priest from Don Bosco Makati. What started as a small canteen is now an Italian restaurant chain with several branches all over the metro. Amici also supports Tuloy Foundation, which is also founded by a priest from Don Bosco Makati.

With my good friend and fellow foodie KC, we went to their SM Megamall branch for dinner.

We started with pasta, Lasagna Al Ragu (Php 298).

Lasagna Al Ragu

The Lasagna Al Ragu is good for sharing (but I could finish one serving alone). It was soooo cheesy, I like it. However, it could use more ground meat.

Amici is also known for its wooden brick-oven pizzas and we didn't miss trying one of the favorites, Al Quattro Formaggi (Php 356).

Al Quattro Formaggi

Though I'm more into thin-crust pizzas, I would give an exception to Amici pizzas. The burn marks in the pizza crust just made it more appealing and seriously, it was really, really yummy!

We also ordered a main dish, Pollo Arrostito (Php 296).

Polla Arrostito

The dish is Baked Rosemary Half Chicken with veggies. I really loved this dish! I just love the flavor from the rosemary that I wish the rosemary taste is a little bit stronger.

My dinner at Amici wouldn't be complete if I wouldn't try their Gelato Cakes. KC and I shared a slice of Banana Blast (Php 122). I also had a cup of Latte (Php 75).

Banana Blast

The Banana Blast is banana, strawberry, and chocolate gelato on the chocolate flavored crust. Basing on the name, I was expecting a classic banana flavor, but the strawberry flavor dominates the gelato cake.

I was surprised at how affordable the dishes in Amici are. I'd love to try the other pasta and pizza dishes, and of course the gelatos. I'd probably bring my family here. The kids would love the gelato cakes.


3rd Floor
Mega Atrium
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

Other locations include ATC, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Tomas Morato and many more


  1. the Banana blast is so superb!!!

    By the way, I'm willa Stock from FB Group Blogapalooza and a fellow pexer as well (I'm Mickey2000 on food pics thread)

  2. I am yet to meet a thick-crust pizza that I can stomach. The Al Quattro Formaggi might just be it.

  3. Uy, dito kami nagdinner kagabi ng mga kasama ko sa group. Dun sa Greenhills branch nila. Great food. lalo na ang mga seafood pasta and pizza nila. :)

    1. Glad you liked it. Will try the seafood dishes soon! :)

    2. Yup. panalo yung mga seafood dishes nila. :)

  4. mukang masarap yung banana blast..

    yan sa tuwing nandito ako nagugutom ako haha!

  5. I remember when Amici was still that little canteen in Don Bosco and we'd make dayo just to eat there. Now they have branches every where! Good food :)

    1. I'm glad they already have branches, but I'd still want to visit the original location. :) thanks for dropping by, Joei! :)

  6. Wow, that Banana Blast looks so good! If only there were a sugar free version but... where's the fun in that? :D

    Lovely blog, you've got here. I'm following you on bloglovin'! Hope you can follow my blog too

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Maita! Sugar-free version? Sorry, I don't really look out for something without sugar, but I'll check if they have. :P

  7. that banana blast looks so yummy! so yummy that I actually overlook the photo of the pizza. Can't wiat to try dining here at Amici :) thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I love their pasta! :))

    1. Liked their lasagna. Will try other pasta dishes when I visit again. :)

  9. I've been meaning to try them out too. Looks good. Didn't know it was started by a priest. =)

  10. Amici! They have the best seafood pasta.


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