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Campus Eats: Almer's

Note: This restaurant has already closed. 

During our visit to our dear Alma mater, we didn't miss on revisiting one of the places where we used to go for comfort food back then. Almer's is a popular foodie spot among UST students and known for its affordable sizzling plates and meryenda.

inside the (improved) Almer's

I've been dining at Almer's since high school and I have witnessed the changes this place has gone through. From a no-frills open-air cafeteria, it is now an air-conditioned and very decent-looking resto. One thing would never change though: the smell of the sizzling sisig will stick to your clothes that without giving any hint, your friends will know you went to Almer's. :)

So what's so special about Almer's Sizzling Sisig?

Dear Thomasians, please don't take this negatively, but there is nothing special about it, on a "food critic" view of course.

Almer's Sizzling Sisig

But Almer's Sisig (Php 60) has this crunch that I always look for whenever I order Sisig somewhere else. I'm not sure if it's unusual, but we make this Sisig extra special by mixing Almer's gravy.

Almer's gravy

Almer's gravy has this buttery taste that we used to like, however, the gravy we had during this visit wasn't as buttery as before. It was a little bland for my taste. However, the sisig crunch was still there so this little disappointment with the gravy didn't exactly ruin our visit.

Another favorite is the Spareribs (Php 60).

Almer's Spareribs

It was pretty good considering its price. This is my default choice whenever I want to skip the "sisig smell". All sizzling dishes (except for the sisig) comes with a scoop of homemade mashed potato. Too bad it wasn't available at that time. We even order an additional scoop of the mashed potato because it was really that good.

And yes! We still had our drinks college style. :P (Parang inuman lang di ba? hehehe)

It was nice to go back and dine at places we already consider a "luxury" a few years back. Honestly, it's not really the food, but the memories that go with it. It was extra nice that I was actually dining with my college friends and we were surprised that we just spent less than Php 100 per person for this meal.

Aside from the disappointing gravy, I'd still give Almer's a try. And hopefully, I'd get to revisit other foodie places around the campus too.


Almer's Canteen
Alfredo Street
Sampaloc, Manila


  1. I like the fact that you give honest reviews. :)

  2. Now, I’m really hungry! . I miss eating around campus. Nothing like the good old days…

    1. I know! I miss walking and eating around the campus. :)

  3. this made me miss College. We usually hang and eat at such places, because of the food. :)

    1. I miss college because of the food, and not the projects.haha. :P

  4. Pwede na ang price for students. Namiss ko tuloy ang mamaleng sa UE.

    1. Yeah, but during that time, mahal na sa min yan. :)

  5. if theres anything i miss sbout college, that is eating in these kinds of places. :D im sure you miss the old taste and nanibago ka :D

    The Bargain Doll

  6. I think I've only tried Almer's once when I was still studying at UST. It was ok. I like Mike's better since it's nearer out bldg din kasi. =)

  7. Hello fellow Thomasian! Your post made me miss my college years and of course Almer's too! :D Their sizzling sisig was also my favorite back then. And yeah you're right about how its smell sticks to your clothes and hair too haha! And the gravy, oh! I also love pairing my sisig with it. *drools* I really wish I could get back to Almer's again. :D

    Sweet Nothings

  8. Hi! Nakaka crave naman po yung blog post :) ask ko lang po kung bukas pa po yung Almer's? Sabi po kasi ng kuya ko sarado na po sya..

    1. I think this place has already closed. Thanks to the comment. Reminds me that I should update this post. :)

  9. Sobrang nakakamis sa Almers.. nagccut pa kme klase para makatakbo kain ng sizzling at napaka dameng gravy.. wooohh😌


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