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Rediscovering Suzu Kin

If there's a cuisine that I can't say no to, it's Japanese food. From a hesitant eater, I grew loving this cuisine more than I expected. I'm a carnivore, but I'll willingly eat shrimp if it's tempura or salmon and tuna if it's sashimi.

When Spanky invited me to have lunch at Suzu Kin, the name suddenly rang a bell. I realized that it was the Japanese resto I saw when a good friend and I had dinner at Pat-Pat's Kansi, which is almost across Suzu Kin. By the way, Pat-Pat's Kansi also has delicious chicken inasal, aside from the kansi, of course.

outside Suzu Kin

Suzu Kin has been serving affordable Japanese dishes for more than 30 years. It has also been in the same location in Kamagong ever since. We were also joined by Guia, who has been to the resto several times. Spanky and Guia were telling me that except for a few minor improvements, the entire look of the resto hasn't changed.

To start our meal, we were served Miso Soup (Php 38).

Miso Soup

Suzu Kin-style miso soup has fried tempura batter to add crunch to the soup.

We also had California Maki (Php 188) and Salmon Sashimi (Php 185).

California Maki
Salmon Sashimi

California Maki is a dozen of the usual crab meat, mango, cucumber, ebiko, and sushi rice in nori with special mayo. Their sushi and sashimi servings are very generous for the price, but the quality is at par with the other Japanese restos I've been to.

We also ordered Ebi Tempura (Php 180).

Ebi Tempura

My other favorite is the Ebi Tempura. Suzu Kin has five huge pieces of deep-fried shrimps. It's not too oily and it's really delicious!

We also had their All-Day Everyday Meal, which is quite a steal for Php 123.

All-Day Everyday Meal

The meal has Chicken Furai, 2 pieces Ebi Tempura, Fried Dilis, Pork Kushi Yaki, Tai Kimiyaki (Fried Fish Fillet), Tuna Steak, Rice, and Soup. This meal beats the bento meals I've tried as this one is such a feast at a really affordable price.

We tried their bestsellers too: Oyster Butter (Php 184) and Beef Garlic (Php 162).

Oyster Butter
Beef Garlic

Oyster Butter is a Suzu Kin specialty, which is buttered oyster in special sauce and Beef Garlic is thinly sliced beef stew with garlic. Both dishes are not complicated but didn't lack in flavors. We enjoyed it even without the rice.

Suzu Kin doesn't have any other dessert aside from the Coffee Jelly (Php 75).

Coffee Jelly

It has frozen and regular coffee jelly, which adds texture to the dessert. It's topped with cookies and cream ice cream. I don't really like coffee jelly, but I really enjoyed this dessert. Maybe the large scoop of ice cream did the job.

I had a great time at Suzu Kin. I was impressed with how affordable yet delicious their dishes are. It wasn't a surprise that it was crowded with people when we arrived for lunch. I'd love to return and have another satisfying meal at Suzu Kin.


Suzu Kin Japanese Restaurant
9753 Kamagong cor. Sampaloc Street,
San Antonio,
Makati City
Email Address:


  1. gusto ko talaga yung blog mo. puro pagkain!! hahaha...XD I will definitely try this one!

  2. Oh my and it's only in Kamagong, this is so near my place. I am gonna give this a try. I'd probably get the coffee jelly and oyster butter.

  3. The food looks really good and not that expensive. Tempura for 5 pieces would go as high as almost P400.00 at other restaurants and the taste may not be as good...Mommy Marie

  4. ano ba yan I promise pa naman that this coming year first month mag diet muna ako...i gain weight at dahil food porn lahat ang pics...maka pag pa dlvr na nga!

    Merry christmas te!

    1. Woah. Screw diet!!! :P Merry Christmas SunnyToast! :)

  5. It doesn't look authentic Japanese cuisine.

  6. Oh lord now I know where I should schedule my next Japanese food trip!

  7. Yay! New Japanese resto! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. Thank you for sharing! I'd like to try this.

  9. My favorite is their All day everyday meals then convert to fried rice and a big plate of their Kani Salad then tekka maki! OMG I'm drooling tuloy!

    1. Hahaha! I miss their California Maki. I swear I could finish the whole plate. :)


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