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Pino Resto Bar | Pipino Vegetarian Food Opens in Makati

Note: This location is already closed. 

Pino Resto Bar is finally in Jupiter! No, not the planet. In Jupiter Street, Makati City.

Pino is the brainchild of Chef Ed Bugia and his team, who also owns Pipino Vegetarian and BRGR: The Burger Project. He also owns Brgy. Bagnet, which I've seen at the SM Megamall food court (and will give a try soon). Pino Resto Bar's first branch is in Malingap Street, which is near the Maginhawa foodie area. I have been to BRGR: The Burger Project before, and Pino has always been on my must-visit list. I was glad I was invited by Chef Ed (through Spanky Enriquez) to visit their 2nd branch at Makati.

Pino Resto Bar has a modern and neat ambiance with beautiful lighting (yes, it's really important nowadays, for the food photos). This is also where Pipino is located but separated by rails for a little privacy.


For starters, we were served Spiced Sweet Potato Chips (Php 160) and Crispy Hito Salad (Php 195).

Spiced Sweet Potato Chips
Crispy Hito Salad

Spiced Sweet Potato Chips are fried and hand-cut sweet potatoes served with honey mustard mayo while the salad has mixed with Indian mangoes, cucumber, mixed greens, and Thai vinaigrette. I liked how I could indulge on the sweet potato chips without the guilty feeling. Another healthy option is the Crispy Hito Salad, which has a yummy dressing. I found myself grabbing more greens, which isn't usual.

We also had Buffalo Chicken Skin (Php 145) and Mini Sisig Tacos (Php 225).

Buffalo Chicken Skin
Mini Sisig Tacos

Buffalo Chicken Skin is crispy chicken skin with buffalo-style sauce, with bleu cheese dressing & celery sticks. This dish is an absolute winner! With the right spicy kick, this dish should be consumed as soon as it's served. Another favorite is the Mini Sisig Tacos, which is filled with pork sisig, tomato salsa, and topped with lots of cheese. This simple dish can be shared with friends.

We were also served Binusog na Pusit with Kesong Puti (Php 245), which is grilled squid stuffed with goat cheese and mango salsa.

Binusog na Pusit with Kesong Puti


Pino serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. For non-alcoholic drinks, I had Pipino Shake (Php 90).

Pipino Shake

I first had a cucumber shake when I visited Harbour City in Cebu, and I loved it ever since. Aside from being a palate cleanser, it also helps with the digestion. 

For alcoholic drinks, Pino has Lycheeno (Php 165) and their signature cocktail drink, the Pino-Ka Margarita (Php 350).

Pino-Ka Margarita

Lycheeno is a mixture of Amaretto, Vodka, and Lychee Juice. Pino-Ka Margarita is frozen margarita served in a giant Pino-style Glass (and please don't try to consume the whole glass alone). Pino also serves Flavored Beer (Php 95) with different flavors, like Green Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, and many more.

Main Course

For the main dishes, we were served the very popular Kare-kareng Bagnet (Php 565 for family, Php 255 for single).

Kare-kareng Bagnet

Kare-kareng Bagnet is an authentic Ilocano crispy pork belly served with annatto-peanut sauce. Kare-kare is my favorite Filipino dish, I just don't say no to any version of Kare-kare. I actually prefer the tuwalya, but Pino's version is an exception. I just had to be quiet and concentrate on eating this dish. It feels like having an epiphany, it's damn heavenly. I'll seriously go back for this.

For non-carnivores, the Seafood Kare-kare (Php 495 for family, Php 225 for single) is a perfect alternative. Generously served with mussels, tilapia, shrimp, and squid, it's a fiesta on a plate.

Seafood Kare-kare

We also had Binakol (Php 285) and Kansi (Php 345).


Binakol is an Ilonggo dish similar to chicken tinola with buko juice used for broth. It was refreshing and flavorful, I could just have the soup and be okay with it. Kansi is the Ilonggo version of bulalo, which is sour compared to its Tagalog counterpart. The sourness from the Kansi broth felt liked being kicked in the gut. It's something I'd want to eat during cold weather.

We were also served Bagoong Rice, Mango Rice, and Steamed Rice for these dishes.

We were also served Adobong Sarsi Chicken Egg (Php 225) and Coffee-Crusted Beef Belly (Php 265).

Adobong Sarsi Chicken Egg
Coffee Crusted Beef Belly

The Coffee Crusted Beef Belly is slow-roasted US beef belly with a coffee spice rub with marble, bistek gravy, and red wine onion marmalade. I could actually smell the aroma of this dish from far away. The meat was really flavorful and tender.


After having coffee and tea after the main course, we were served the desserts.

We had Chunky Choco Tempura (Php 125) and Choco Turon (Php 125).

Chunky Choco Tempura
Choco Turon

Chunky Choco Tempura is a deep-fried chocolate wafer bar in tempura batter, served with chocolate and strawberry sauces, and ice cream. Choco Turon is sliced banana and chocnut in spring roll wrappers served with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Both desserts are must-try for chocoholics (like me).

We were also served Mango Sans Rival (Php 165) and Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (Php 150 per slice).

Mango Sans Rival
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

The Mango Sans Rival isn't too sweet, which I liked. A serving is good for sharing. I didn't miss on trying the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, which was drizzled with lots of caramel sauce.

Pipino Vegetarian Food

Chef Ed also served us some entrees from Pipino, which serves 100% plant-based meals, which also makes them vegan. Vegetarianism is abstaining from eating meat while veganism is abstaining from eating animal products, which also includes eggs, milk, and honey.

We tried Portobello Inasal (Php 260) and Watermelon Steak (Php 220).

Portobello Inasal
Watermelon Steak

Portobello Inasal is served with Red Beet Puree, Ensaladang Talong, and Brown Rice. Watermelon Steak is served with Taro Miso Mash, String Beans, and Pickled Mushrooms.

I was surprised by the flavor of the Watermelon Steak. I didn't know I could actually like a non-carnivorous steak. It's really a must-try.

We were also given Taro Chips and Vegan Bagoong to bring home. Also, Pipino sells Vegan cupcakes which are displayed at the counter.

I also had a starstruck moment as Anne Curtis and fellow food blogger Erwan Heussaff were also having dinner at Pino that night.

It was a truly delicious and satisfying dinner at Pino. The servings are good to share among friends. The dishes are beautifully presented and the prices are quite reasonable. The place is also a perfect hang out spot after a day's work. I'd definitely drag my friends here soon.

Thanks to Chef Ed Bugia of Pino Resto Bar for having us.


Pino Resto Bar | Pipino Vegetarian Food
38 Jupiter Street
Brgy. Bel-Air,
Makati City

Another location is at Malingap Street, Quezon City


  1. I've always wanted to try Pinos (yung purely vegetarian resto in Makati). But their location's not so accessible kasi e. =(

  2. Man, that Kare-kareng bagnet and the coffee-crusted beef belly seem to be calling my name...again! Awesome food!

  3. Oh my - this is, for sure, one of your most mouth watering posts Michymoo :) The pics are extra clear too - I guess thanks to the place being well lit as you mentioned :)

    Would love to try this, kahit medyo malayo ang Jupiter :)

  4. wow all this food looks so tasty <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

    1. Will check it out. Thanks for dropping by, Amely! :)

  5. Looks like you have ordered most of the dishes on the menu hahaha I love to try kare-kareng bagnet and of course, desserts.


  6. waah kayo ung nasa tabing table namin :D super inggit kami kasi ang gaganda ng cam nyo and daming food din :D hahaha! we wonder how it feels to be a certified food blogger talagaa <3

    The Bargain Doll

    1. Hahaha! I saw you but I was too shy to say hi. :)

      It's actually fun, at laging busog.hehe. :P

  7. Ohhh, so many choices! I just had the Kare-kare bagnet and the oyster and their mushroom rice. That's all! Pitiful! Haha!

    1. You should visit this place soon and try more dishes, Lovelee! :)

  8. I already tried their Kansi, it's so good and sulit. Are you sure about that Watermelon Steak? Haha what does it tastes like? Anyway, awesome post. Thanks!

    1. Hi Justin! Yes, you have to try the Watermelon Steak next time. :)

  9. Looks like a must-try! Thanks for the tip! Btw, it's my first time to visit your blog! :)

  10. The Kare Kare bagnet got me drooling... and the buffalo wings... and the sisig tacos... and the margarita (even if I don't drink). Great review!


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