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Home Cooking 101: Mac and Cheese

I'll let you in a secret: I know how to cook. Though I can't say that I'm an expert, I know how to cook dishes and even desserts. So I decided to share some recipes that I would usually cook or experiment on cooking at home.

Macaroni and Cheese

My kid siblings love macaroni, but it's my kid brother who loves Mac and Cheese. He'd always eat the instant noodles version, so I tried cooking this dish for him.

I have read complicated variations of this dish, but this version is quite simple so you can always create this at home.


garlic, minced
white onion, chopped
2-3 tbsps all-purpose flour
185g quick melt cheese, grated
200g elbow macaroni
1 can Vienna sausage, cubed
100 g or half-bar butter
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups of milk


1. Cook the elbow macaroni according to the package instructions.
2. Saute garlic and onion on butter.
3. Mix in the all-purpose flour to create a roux. Add the milk, cheese, salt, and pepper.
4. Continue mixing until it thickens.
5. Add the Vienna sausage before turning off the stove.
6. Combine the pasta and the cheese sauce.
7. Bake in the oven at 350F.

Optional: You may substitute hotdogs or bacon for Vienna sausage.

My brother was so excited to try it that he ate it fresh from the oven. I'll try using other cheeses next time, but my brother and I loved this dish. :)

Budget: approximately Php 200


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I love Mac and Cheese! :)

  2. isa yan sa fav ko after salad hehehe

    ginutom tuloy ako.... kakatakam!

  3. yummy! i miss cooking, i've stopped doing so when I graduated haha

  4. Although not a favorite, I kinda like Mac and Cheese. It's a simple dish to cook but the taste is just yum!

  5. Thank you for the share. I am thinking what to cook this season. I don't want to search through other website, as most ingredients are not available :D

  6. i am so stupid when it comes to cooking pero ill give this one a try! the fiance loves anything with cream + cheese so pwede ako magstart dito! haha

    Merry Christmas!! :D


  7. Your recipe reminds me of what we had yesterday during our family Christmas lunch. Looks delish!

  8. omg. gusto ko to! pano pag wala kaming oven?

    1. Not really sure how it works if you don't make it. Ok naman na yung cheese sauce din kahit hindi i-bake. :)

  9. Yey! Thanks for the recipe! I've been looking for recipes of baked mac and cheese and I will def try this out. Fan of cheese here!

  10. Wow naman Mich! Now you inspire me to start trying cooking again :3

  11. I've always had the feeling that you're a good cook. :) This looks so yummy!

  12. Oh it looks so yummy! I want to try it at home :D

  13. mt daugjter would defintely love this recipe! She loves everything with cheese! xx

    1. I hope you'll cook this one for your daughter. :)


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