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The Return to Krung Thai

I always have a soft spot for Thai food. Ironically, I'm really not into spicy food, but I could endure the spiciness of Thai dishes. That's why my heart melted when I got an invite through Openrice to revisit Krung Thai. I've been to this place more than a year ago, and this is where my love for Thai food started. An invite to this place shouldn't be missed, at least in my opinion. 

I arrived an hour late since there was a public event in Marikina so some roads were temporarily closed. It was the same homey resto I visited last year. Incidentally, I was seated on the same spot I sat a year ago. Call it destiny.

For starters, we had Spicy Green Mango Salad (Php 99), Thai Spring Rolls (Php 159 for 5 pcs, Php 299 for 10 pcs, Php 449 for 15 pcs), and Chicken Satay (Php 169 for 5 pcs, Php 329 for 10 pcs, Php 488 for 15 pcs).

Spicy Green Mango Salad
Thai Spring Rolls
Chicken Satay

The wrapper of their spring rolls are kinda thick, but it was generously filled with vermicelli and ground meat. The Chicken Satay was really delicious with or without the dip.

I also tried the Chicken Noodle Soup (Php 99) and of course, the Pad Thai Special (Php 199).

Chicken Noodle Soup
Pad Thai Special

The Chicken Noodle Soup has a very mild yet soothing flavor, but what I was looking forward to eating was the Pad Thai. It was already cold when I arrived, but it was still the yummy Pad Thai I enjoyed the last time I was there. I was close to emptying the whole plate, but I reminded myself that I should share. Teehee. :)

Other must-try dishes are the Tom Yam Seafood (Php 299 for 2-3 persons, Php 389 for 4-5 persons) and the Krung Thai Fried Chicken (Php 139 for 1/4).

Tom Yam Seafood
Krung Thai Fried Chicken

The Tom Yam Seafood has this spicy kick that I really like, it would seem mild if you're into really really spicy food though. Krung Thai pays homage to our love for fried chicken by having their own version, both kids and adults will love it.

Krung Thai also offers Thai beverages: Thai Iced Coffee (Php 79), Thai Iced Tea (Php 79), and Thai Milk Tea.

Thai Iced Coffee
Thai Milk Tea
Thai Iced Tea

As usual, I love Thai Iced Coffee! I'm glad I requested to have this (I'm not a tea person, you know).

For dessert, we had Banana and Camote Fritters (Php 89).

Banana and Camote Fritters

It was also nice to finally meet the owners, Mr. Adisorn Srimata and his Filipina wife, who were very friendly and accommodating. Mrs. Srimata also gamely shared travel tips for Thailand. We were also entertained by a Thai guest who played a Thai instrument for his friends, it made me want to visit Thailand more.

I'd love to visit this place again and again, and maybe finish a whole plate of Pad Thai and a glass of Thai Iced Coffee alone. :)

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Srimata of Krung Thai for having us.


Krung Thai Restaurant
M. Cruz St. cor W.C. Paz St.,
Sta. Elena, Marikina Heights
Marikina City
Contact nos. 6464041, 09208782008


  1. Hi Michy, the Krung Thai chicken looks really crispy! I might get to finally visit this place on Saturday wuhoo! :)

  2. thaaiiii!! i want!!! will definitely visit Krung Thai when i'm near the area :)

  3. I may not be big on Thai food but if I received the same invite, I'd certainly won't let the opportunity pass.

    I am curious about the chicken satay and tom yam seafood. Oh yeah the Thai milk tea too, looks refreshing. I am also not a tea person but if it's served cold and with milk I'd drink it hehe...

    1. You should try Thai food, Marge. I bet you'll love it too! :)

  4. I noticed the food are generally affordable. I'm curious about the menu. The first thai restaurant I tried gave me the impression that thai food is too similar to Filipino food so I hadn't been interested in exploring thai cuisine since.

    1. Which resto did you try? Hope you'll try Thai cuisine again soon. :)

  5. i agree. the chicken satay i had there was tender and delicious even without the dip. i also love Krung Thai's fried chicken.

  6. I'd like to try the green mango salad, spring rolls and pad thai. I also like coffee more than tea, too. :)

    1. Comrade!!!! :) The pad thai's really a must try. :)

  7. thai food is something i dont frequently eat but i looove thai milk tea. for me the taste of thai dishes is more of an acquired thing. :D Rovie
    The Bargain Doll

    1. Yeah. It is an acquired taste. But if you're into spicy food, you'll like it instantly. ;)


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