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Korean Buffet at KBOB Restaurant and Family KTV

Note: This establishment is already closed. 

A good friend and I were searching for Korean restaurants we can try when she discovered this place on Facebook. They were running a promo at that time that we wanted to try it out. Good thing my friend was available and so was I, and we grabbed that coupon offer on their FB page, printed it out, and headed to KBOB. 

KBOB Restaurant and Family KTV is one of the newest attractions in the Cubao area. Aside from the KTV, they also offer Korean Buffet at an amazingly affordable price. 

The buffet area is located on the ground floor. One would mistake the place as a canteen due to its simplicity. The walls are almost bare with some posters and television on display. And yeah, the TV's playing K-pop music videos.

The original price for the buffet is Php 350 per person with a grilling course (Php 250 without grilling course), exclusive of drinks. We had our buffet at a promo price for Php 350 for 2 persons or 50% off. Reservations weren't needed but the customers are started crowding the resto at around 8pm.

Samgyupsal section
Kimbap station
Kimchi station

The buffet has sections for soup, cooked dishes, kimbap, kimchi, bibimbap, and samgyupsal. They also have a dessert section, which has a good variety of fruits and salads. Ddeokbokki is not always available but it is served at least once a week. 

lettuce and mint leaves
desserts station

For the grilling section, they'll grill the meats at the kitchen and serve it at your table. 

We helped ourselves with the other dishes while waiting for the grilled meats.

I have a few pieces of kimbap, japchae, vegetable cakes (which resemble fish cakes), and some Korean beef stew. We also tried the different kinds of kimchi, which range from sweet to uber spicy. We also had some other cooked dishes that we weren't able to know the names (the server didn't know too).

Our grilled meats have arrived, and our friendly server willingly cut the meats for us.

We had plain and marinated samgyupsal, which taste really good. I appreciate that they grill as you order like other Korean restaurants do. 

For desserts, I got myself a few slices of watermelon. And also, a very courteous staff approached our tables with a plate of sliced apples and pears, a gesture I really can't forget. 

I have to give it to KBOB for having an excellent service. Everyone, from the receptionist to the servers, is so polite. I just think the servers still have to familiarize themselves with the dishes they serve, as they would always encounter Korean food noobs like me. 

The regular buffet rate would be really worth the meal and the service. They also serve ala carte but I'd really recommend that you'd take the buffet instead. It would be much worth it. I'd definitely go back and bring friends to KBOB, and maybe even try the KTV next time. 


KBOB Restaurant and Family KTV
232 P. Tuazon corner 13th Avenue,
Cubao, Quezon City
Contact No. 7090941
11:00am to 10:00pm


  1. the kimchi station had me hungry! hehe..
    super love that plain and marinated samgyupsal. tried that few times in a different restau and it's really delicious. :)

  2. I've been into Korean food lately, and I'd definitely give KBOB a try. Craving for samgyeopsal and kimchi now! <3

  3. Wow, that's an awesome deal! And the food looks good too!

  4. I think I've had too much Korean food lately. >_< but I might try this one soon. :)

    1. I hope you'll do, ate wabbit. Maybe we can try the videoke here? :)

  5. I really really really want to try this. :( But I checked their facebook page and they don't have a branch in cebu. The kimchi looks really tasty . I think it's the color orange that triggers the appetite?

    1. I've seen lots of Korean restos in Cebu naman, so I hope you'd get to visit one soon. :)

  6. ohmy! Samgyupsal and chapchae are love!!! Will definitely try out KBOB someday! and man! that P350 buffet for 2 is a steal ha! hehehe... :)

    1. Yes, quite a steal. :) Hope you'll try KBOB soon! ;)

  7. Where did you get your promo of 50% off? Thanks.

    1. We got it a their Facebook page. It was a limited time offer, so check their FB page regularly for promos. :)


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