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Family Bonding at Gerry's Grill

Our family enjoys eating hearty Filipino meals whenever we go out. I could say that my family isn't too adventurous when it comes to food since we still have kids at home (who love pizza and other fast food) and it also doesn't help that my parents are becoming more health-conscious. However, my father can't resist eating Filipino comfort food. That's why he loves Gerry's Grill so much. It has been one of our defaults ever since.

Gerry's Grill is a large restaurant chain specializing in hardcore Filipino dishes that we always love. They have also expanded internationally, opening branches in the USA and Singapore.

We had a family outing at Manila Ocean Park a few weeks ago, we arrived around lunch so we decided to eat at Gerry's Grill, which was unsurprisingly crowded.

We had the bestsellers: Grilled Pusit (Php 328, 500g) and Sisig (Php 189).

Grilled Pusit

Gerry's Grill Pusit is recognized in's Top Ten Grilled Pusit in Manila. My mom loves this dish so much, I wasn't sure if she bothered sharing this dish with my dad. My ultimate favorite is sisig. I can't visit Gerry's Grill without ordering sisig. It's crunchy and it's really good!

We also ordered Sinigang na Bangus (Php 225) and Kare-kareng Baka (Php 295).

Sinigang na Bangus
Kare-kareng Baka

We have no problem with the taste, but I think our server forgot that we ordered Kare-kare (which I was drooling for quite a while). We almost canceled our order, but we were assured that it will be served soon. So it was served, almost at the tail-end of our meal. Anyway, I couldn't resist eating Kare-Kare. It has that effect on me, like Sisig. Who wouldn't like these dishes anyway?

For dessert, or rather, the kids' desserts, we ordered Gerry's Double Trio (Php 145) and Brownie ala Mode (Php 145).

Gerry's Double Trio
Brownie ala Mode

Gerry's Double Trio has three different ice cream flavors on top of sago. I was able to try the Brownie ala Mode, which was good but could be better if the brownie was a little thinner. Anyway, the kids enjoyed both desserts.

Though we were quite hassled with the Kare-kare incident, we would always go back at Gerry's Grill. I really love their Sisig. I also recommend Dinakdakan (an Ilocano dish similar to sisig) and Tinomok (a Bicolano dish with pork and coconut milk). I haven't seen another Filipino resto offer both dishes (if you do know one, please let me know).

For more family bondings, we'll always go to Gerry's. :)


Gerry's Grill
Manila Ocean Park
Luneta, Manila

Other branches include SM Marikina, Ali Mall, and many more


  1. I miss their squid, chopsuey and inihaw na tuna! :D

    1. Haven't tried the tuna. I will give it a try on our next visit. :)

  2. We have Gerry's Grill here. I don't like their Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands branch (para kasing nasa food court talaga yung quality); but their Cuppage area, near Orchard Road, is really good. Almost same quality as in PH but the don't offer some items here as are available locally in PH. Their Halo Halo's really good though. Parang Razon's na rin yung shaved ice nila. =)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Tin. ;) Haven't tried their Halo-Halo. Listing that down too (along with the tuna) :)

  3. I miss dining out in Gerry's Grill with the Fam. I'm craving their awesome Sisig and Squid bigtime! :)

    1. Hi Drunken Pig! Hope you'll visit Gerry's again soon! ;)

  4. Admittedly sisig is also one of my comfort foods. :) And that kare kare is just... I can't even find a word for it.. Gerry's did a lot of our kababayans abroad a really big favor by opening up international branches.

    1. I agree, Ile. :) I hope they'll put up more international branches. :)

  5. Sisig is loooove <3 Haha! Gerry's grill is nice too, too bad we don't have it here. Food blog posts makes me hungry...

  6. I miss Gerry's Grill's siisg and squid!

  7. Oh boy everything are really yummy nakakagutom...I miss the kare-kare...

  8. I love their foods especially the chicken kebab. :)
    But my friends and I experienced a bad dining service on one of their branches just last Sunday. :(
    Anyway, Gerry's Grill is one of our defaults too. :)


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