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The Lobby Lounge at Diamond Hotel (Part 2)

Aside from the savory dishes we had at Lobby Lounge, Diamond Hotel, we were also able to try the delicious desserts and beverages. A self-confessed dessert freak and coffee addict, I was so excited to try almost every dessert they offer.

These desserts are also available at The Cake Club with locations at Bonifacio High Street and Rockwell, and now you can enjoy these popular pastries if you're in the Diamond Hotel area (or maybe staying there as a guest).

We started with their signature desserts: the Ispahan (Php 280) and Vanessa (Php 250).


Ispahan is their homage to dessert god Pierre Herm, made with raspberries, lychee and rose essence. Vanessa is their GM's favorite, made of pistachio macaroons and fresh strawberries. I'm not into berries but I liked both desserts. I just prefer Vanessa a bit more than Ispahan, which has a very fruity taste.

We also had the chocoholic's delight, Le Royale (Php 250).

Le Royale

Le Royale is Chef Pang Kok Keong's signature cake made of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, almond meringue, and hazelnut crispy. Not even a crumb was left the moment this cake was served, that is how deadly this cake is.

Another chocolate cake we didn't miss trying is the Supermoist Chocolate Cake (Php 250).

Supermoist Chocolate Cake

What can I say? This cake lives up to its name. One bite and I saw my life flashing before me. The sweetness is just heavenly.

We were also served the Mont Blanc (Php 250).

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is a Parisian staple made of chestnut paste, Chantilly cream, prunes soaked in dark rum on an almond tart. We were told that it's the usual dessert of people who are watching their sugar intake since it's not too sweet compared to the other desserts they have.

We also had their wonderful cheesecakes: the Guia (Php 250) and Baked Cheesecake (Php 250).

Baked Cheesecake

Guia is another signature dessert from Chef Pang Kok Keong. It's a lighter cheesecake with walnuts and a touch of maple syrup. The signature cheesecake, the Baked Cheesecake, is reputed to be the richest and cheesiest in the metro. I'm a certified cheesecake addict, and I fell in love with both cheesecakes. But it was the Baked Cheesecake that made me close my eyes, find myself almost into tears and say: "where have you been all my life?". If you were with me during that moment, you might think I've gone crazy.

You can also buy whole versions of the cakes for Php 1500.

We were also given the Diamond Ensaymada (Php 120) to take home.

Diamond Ensaymada

Diamond Ensaymada is a humongous ube ensaymada topped with lots of cream and cheese. I brought one at work and I wasn't able to finish the whole thing in one sitting. I guess I should have shared. :P

Lobby Lounge also offers Diamond Hotel's Ice Cream Selection, with 12 unique flavors to choose from. 2 scoops (for dine-in only) is Php 180, while you can bring home a pint for Php 350 or a half-gallon for Php 1000.

We were able to taste flavors like Black Sesame and Salted Caramel. I really recommend that you try both flavors!

Black Sesame
Salted Caramel

Other flavors that we got to try are Supermoist Chocolate cake, Genmaicha, Azuki, Taro-Jackfruit, Melon, and Apple Pie. I want to try Mont Blanc, Baked Cheesecake, Le Royale, and Coconut - Palm Sugar soon.

To go with the delicious desserts, we also had coffee: I had a cup of a Kohikan Premium, Sumibi (Php 190). Some of us had Hot Mocha (Php 200) and a coffee dessert, Kohi Jelly (Php 250).

Kohi Jelly
Hot Mocha

Lobby Lounge also offers 8 variants of Hediard Tea for Php 200 per pot. Variants include Blue Garden Tea, Exclusive Spicy Blend Tea, Hediard Blend Sencha Tea, and OP Kenilworth Ceylon Tea. They also have Nespresso coffee at Php 160 per cup. You can also have smoothies, beers, and wines.

I really had a great time at the Lobby Lounge, Diamond Hotel. I see myself going back for some dessert, light dinner, or maybe just coffee or tea.

Thanks to Yedylicious and Diamond Hotel PR for having us.


Lobby Lounge
Diamond Hotel Philippines
Roxas Boulevard corner Dr. J. Quintos Street,
Contact No. 5283000
Facebook Page: Diamond Hotel Philippines
Twitter: @DiamondHotelPh


  1. Cakes and ice cream galore.. I miss this!! :)

  2. oh man! Those desserts are really making me crave ice cream tonight :)

  3. i love those ensaymadas. pang-lunch ang busog!

  4. oh my! mouthwatering desserts....very sinful..hahaha..Those kinds of photos should be banned, they make me drool...Yahweh bless

    1. hahahaha! :) It's a sin I'm willing to commit. :P

  5. Desserts! (drool). Kind of expensive ah, but looks like you'd get your money's worth naman. I've heard about The Cake Club before though I have yet to try it. I wanna try mont blanc, kohi jelly, and black sesame.

  6. If I die I probably will go here as this is dessert heaven! Everything looks perfect and delicious! :)

    1. If this is heaven, I'll be a good girl na.hehe. :)

  7. This is like heaven for me O.o ugh to the term DIET before Christmas. Nice blog Michy! :)


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