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Quick Delivery: Almon Marina

We usually associate food deliveries with JUST pizza. period. But at this age, we can enjoy our restaurant favorites at the comforts of our own homes..or office! That is how convenient the service of Quick Delivery is.

Quick Delivery partners with different establishments and delivers to various points around the Metro. :) I first tried Quick Delivery last year, when I had an Avocado Cake from Lia's Cakes in Season, which cut me a trip to Kapitolyo.

I recently had lunch delivered from Almon Marina. Almon Marina is a sandwich bar and deli, but also offers other continental dishes.

I called up Quick Delivery at around 10:30AM, but I was informed that our food will be delivered at 12:30PM since Almon Marina opens at 11:30AM, which was fine with me. Surprisingly, our order arrived at around 11:40AM, which was way earlier than I expected. Impressive. :)

We ordered Seafood & Zucchini (Php 190) for pasta and went all-beef with the sandwiches: California Roast Beef (Php 225) and Open-Faced Black Angus (Php 215).

Seafood & Zucchini Pasta

I'm not usually into pesto, but I liked the Seafood & Zucchini pasta. The flavors are just right, and the seafood toppings were generously mixed in.

California Roast Beef
Open-Faced Black Angus

California Roast Beef is served in a sesame bun with fries on the side while Open-Faced Black Angus is served with mashed potatoes and veggies on the side. The sandwiches taste good, and the beef was tender. :) I love the mashed potatoes, I think I ate most of the mashed potatoes.

We also had Chicken Kebab (Php 175), a dish I really love. :)

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab comes with a special sauce, rice pilaf, and mixed veggies. I love the sauce and I really liked the kebab! It was delicious and very tender! I had to ignore the rice for a while. I'd love to have this kebab soon.

Since Almon Marina also has dessert, I ordered a slice of Very Berry Cheesecake (Php 95).

Very Berry Cheesecake

I liked that it even has berries with the cream cheese, aside from the topping. Not a berries fanatic, but I love cheesecake! :)

Overall, I was impressed with Quick Delivery's service. Both the rider and the phone operator are quite efficient and friendly.  I appreciated that they were really early with my order and have handled the food well. The 10% delivery charge was worth the service. I loved Almon Marina’s sandwiches and cooked dishes. Everything’s reasonably priced and really delicious (especially the kebab!) I’d love to eat at Almon Marina again.

If you're craving for your favorite resto dish but can't go out, try Quick Delivery! :)


Almon Marina
Ground Floor, Building A
SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue
Mandaluyong City

To order online, visit
or dial 2121212


  1. the pasta looks really exotic.. haha.. all i ever know with deliveries are fastfood stuff...haha. sometimes im even skeptic with restaurant to-go good.... XD

    1. You should try Almon Marina, Virkky Mums. You'll love it, I swear! ;)

  2. following you now. :) hope you could follow me back. thanks :)

  3. Whyyyyyy did I look at these pictures????? The kebab looks yummy. *dialing food delivery now*

  4. Is their cheesecake baked ? It looks baked. I love baked cheesecakes! And yes, i think it's a plus that it has berries within the cake and not just the toppings! :D

    Although, i really want the open faced angus now !

  5. I should definitely check out Quick Delivery; I have yet to try it. I am into seafood pasta so if ever I order from Almon Maria I'd go with that one. The Open Faced Black Angus looks delish! How come the slice of Very Berry Cheesecake is thin?

  6. The Open Faced Black Angus and Chicken Kebab look delicious! Have to try Quick Delivery one of these days...

    1. Both are really good! :) Hope you'll try Quick Delivery soon. :)

  7. That Open Faced Black Angus looks yummy! I haven't tried Quick Delivery yet... :)

  8. kagutom Almon Marina!! :) I always see this resto but I haven't tried there. I should na talaga :)
    The Bargain Doll

  9. Haven;t tried Quick Delivery yet but I must say your set of orders are drool-worthy.

  10. I'd like to try the Very Berry Cheesecake. It looks really yummy! :)

  11. I love Almon Marina! They have really good pasta and sandwiches. =)

  12. Wow! Love this! It would work wonders for when FM and I would choose to just dine in!

  13. Sea food and Zuchinni Pasta looks like something that I want to have right now! and the very Berry cheesecake .. I want to try doing that. add berries on the cream cheese next time I make blueberry cheese cake..


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