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Chowdown Cebu: Da Vinci's Pizza

Note: This location is already closed. 

My friend and I were too lazy to go out for dinner so we decided to have food delivered to our hotel. We saw Da Vinci's Pizza when we had dinner at Krua Thai so we gave it a try.

Da Vinci's Pizza is one of the popular pizza restaurants in Cebu. They are also famous for their white sauce pizzas. Their items are quite affordable too. 

For starters, we had Potato Gusto (Php 78) and Lasagna Lite (Php 138).

Potato Gusto
Lasagna Lite

Potato Gusto is similar to Shakey's Potato Mojos, only a bit thinner. I found it too oily, which is too bad since I love potatoes. The Lasagna Lite is a healthy choice with corn, spinach and tomatoes. It is really creamy, I love it!

We ordered two white sauce pizzas: 9" Da Vinci's Masterpiece (Php 128) and 9" Bacon Deli (Php 128).

Da Vinci's Masterpiece
Bacon Deli

Da Vinci's Masterpiece has Italian sausage, beef, pepperoni, mushroom, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese while Bacon Deli has ham, bacon, Italian sausage, beef, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. I loved both pizzas, since I really love the white sauce. The crust wasn't too thick. The price is worth it.

I love to try the Premium Pizzas if I return to Cebu. Thumbs up to the fast delivery too! For comfort food, try Da Vinci's Pizza. :)


Da Vinci's Pizza
Mactan Marina Mall
Lapu-Lapu City

Other locations are IT Park, Parkmall and many more


  1. sarap naman... parang may kakaiba sa pizza na ito... para bang matatakam ka na pag nakita mo hehehe siguro sa amoy pa lang niyan... solve na hehehe

  2. whenever we're craving for pizza sa cebu, we always call Ryan's pizza. But Da Vinci's pizzas are super yummy too!

  3. White sauce on pizza is really interesting :) Sounds really good to me!

  4. Da Vinci's masterpiece looks yummy. :)

  5. White sauce pizza? Very interesting a. =)

  6. Cebu's pizza places never fail to amaze me. I was able to try their stuff at their IT Park branch, and immediately fell in love :D There's also Biano's and Calda's (although meron na rin nito sa Manila) ^_^ I love the post. Makes me want to go to Cebu for an uber-satisfying food trip! XD


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