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Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

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I spent my weekend bonding with my little sister (who's turning 7 this week). I promised her last weekend that we'll watch Katy Perry: The Movie 3D, and we did. :)

I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry. I watched her California Dreams Tour: Live in Manila last January. I also have her "Teenage Dream" CD. I love that she writes her own songs (like Adele and Maroon 5). Katy is such a darling that even little girls like her, including my little sister, who knows the lyrics of her songs. 

Katy Perry: Part of Me is a concert documentary film covering her last world concert tour, including her stage performances and the behind-the-scenes. The film also tells the story of how Katy started from being a gospel singer to a global superstar. The movie shows a video of the 18-year-old Katy talking about her life and her dream.

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The movie features interviews from people who helped Katy realize her dream, on how she almost ended up under the wrong hands. She worked as a songwriter for 5 years before she finally got a break.

The film also shows the people behind Katy: her assistant, her sister, her make-up artist, and her costume designers. :)

Parts of her personal struggle to balance her blossoming career and her married life were shown. On how she tried to smile, keep a brave face, and give the audience the performance they wanted while she herself is broken.

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Filled with amazing performances, it's like having a front-row seat to her concert. There were also parts that really touched me, like her family watching her concert (including her grandmother) and how she gathered herself from her breakdown, minutes before her concert starts.

This movie made me admire her even more.

Can't wait to see her surprise me more, maybe with new hair color or new costume or maybe with another beautiful song.

Katy, just surprise us. :)


  1. I was invited to watch the said film but unfortunately something came up. I enjoyed reading your post Michy!

  2. I still haven't watched this, but I'd love to. Would want to learn more about Katy and the things she has been through :)

  3. OH EM!!!!! I am such a Katy Perry fan! I really wish to see this 3D movie here in CDO! sana ipalabas din dito! :)))))

  4. I love Katy Perry. I wish I watched her concert last time. This movie is a nice alternative though since it offers really good views.

  5. Good review! I like her and her songs as well.


  6. she's really talented :))

  7. wow... its very inspiring to watch shows wherein how the stars of today started from nothing.. well, not really nothing.. from an ordinary to extraordinary I should say. I also like Katy Perry! :)

  8. I'm so gonna watch it this weekend! Like you, I admire Katy as well. I felt sad when her marriage didn't work out. Nonetheless, it will not change the fact that her songs always make me giddy. :D

  9. I haven't seen it. I love Katy Perry too!

    1. Is it showing in UAE? Hope you'll watch it. She's a girly-girl like you! :)


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