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Kangaroo Jack

Note: This restaurant is already closed.

My friend and I recently tried one of the newest restos near the office: Kangaroo Jack. I was always curious about this place and with the tagline "Steaks, Grillers, and Sizzlers", I knew I shouldn't delay my visit.

I love eating on sizzling plates that it doesn't matter if I burn my tongue. During high school, I used to order a sizzling chicken or sizzling pork chop for recess. Yes, that's for recess, lunch is a different meal (those were the days when I can eat anything and not even gain an ounce).

Since the place was named after an animal from Australia, the place was decorated with Aborigine-inspired displays. A picture of a kangaroo was also painted in the ceiling.

To start the meal, I had a bowl of Potato Chowder (Php 70)

Potato Chowder

Potato Chowder is marble potato sauteed over butter, with cream based sauce and topped with bacon bits and croutons. It was served quick, but I was expecting that the soup will be piping hot, which wasn't the case for my soup.

My friend had Tanigue Steak (Php 160), while I had Sirloin Steak (Php 170). Both can be served with java rice or mashed potatoes. I had my sirloin with mashed potatoes.

Tanigue Steak
Sirloin Steak

The Tanigue Steak was supposed to be grilled, but I didn't see grill marks. I found the flesh a little too white. The serving was huge enough though.

The Sirloin Steak was served in a sizzling plate. But, it didn't sizzle. The gravy was generously poured over my meat, but come on, you wouldn't serve my meat on a sizzling plate for no reason, right?

The meat was a little too tough, that I had to grab a knife...alas! No knife! I had to look around to check if this is a common practice, but it wasn't (thank goodness I was the only one).

Kangaroo Jack still has a lot to improve in terms of food quality. For now, I'll stick with my food court favorite: Sizzling Plate.


Kangaroo Jack
Ground Floor
Robinson's Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue,
Quezon City

Other locations include Araneta Center, SM Manila and SM North EDSA


  1. yung tanigue steak? sarap niyan! nam nam nam! :)

  2. Awww I hate hard meat! :O Haha I actually thought that since they're Australian-named, they would offer Australian food or something (lol wait is there even Australian cuisine? If there is, I haven't tried one!)

    1. I still have to research if there really is Australian cuisine.hehe. :P

  3. I got to try Kangaroo Jack a while back too, but for their really cheap buffet. Haha.. Anyway, I love Sizzling Plate from the food court too!

  4. I had the same experience last year :(
    and yet madami pa din kumakain sa SM north branch nila. :/

    I go to Racks instead if I want to eat beef :3

  5. serious question, may kangaroo menu sila? :-) i tasted one here in Japan and I kinda like it .

    1. No, they don't have. I want to try Kangaroo meat, though. :)

  6. love steak... and nice, simple interiors. Yahweh bless.

  7. My husband gravitates towards Sizzling Plate whenever we eat at SM foodcourts!

  8. Tried it there sa SM Manila branch. I hope they'd put up branches here in the South. :)


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