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Chowdown Cebu: Harbour City Dimsum House

Throughout my entire trip to Cebu, Harbour City is the only resto we visited twice because the food was really addicting! This post will be a combination of my two visits to this awesome place!

I've first learned about this place from Richie, who loves (worships, obsesses, venerates) Harbour City. I've been to Cebu before but I haven't tried this place.

Harbour City belongs to a Cebu-based restaurant chain which also owns Ding Qua Qua and Dimsum Break (it's a quick-serve chain).

When we visited their Ayala Center branch, the place was awfully crowded that we were almost made to wait for a table. Good thing we were seated immediately since we were already hungry. :)

Steamed and Fried Dimsum

We had the following: Quail's Egg Shaomai (Php 60), Steamed Hakao (Php 57) and Bacon Shaomai (Php 57)

Bacon Shaomai
Steamed Hakao
Quail's Egg Shaomai

We loved everything but I fell in love with the Bacon Shaomai. It was simple, bacon-wrapped meat but it was really delicious! I also appreciated that they put carrot slices under the Steamed Hakao, to avoid the wrapper sticking in the metal container.

We also ordered Sweet and Sour Pork (Php 57), Garlic Pork Spareribs (Php 65), Spring Rolls (Php 57), and Crab Pincer (Php 60).

Sweet and Sour Pork
Garlic Pork Spareribs
Spring Rolls
Crab Pincer

The dishes were served in little saucers. I thought that we would get bitin in each order, but when we started eating everything, we thought otherwise. Though the Spring Rolls don't look appetizing, it was good enough for me. My friend particularly liked the Crab Pincer. :)

Sauces for the dimsum

Harbour City has three sauces for the dimsum: sweet and sour sauce, ginger sauce, and chili sauce. I tried mixing the three and I liked the combination of these three. :)


Harbour City also serves affordable and refreshing shakes, which is just perfect because the weather in Cebu is like summer-ish the whole year.

We tried the Mango Shake (Php 50) and Blended Banana Split (Php 50). But they have one interesting flavor too: Cucumber Shake (Php 50).

Mango Shake
Blended Banana Split
Cucumber Shake

The Blended Banana Split is a combination of banana, vanilla ice cream, milk, and dark chocolate sauce. Cucumber Shake is a mix of cucumber, green apple syrup, and a bit of pineapple. It was mild a very refreshing, you wouldn't believe it's a veggie shake. :)

Rice Pots

Aside from the shakes and the dimsum, we also tried the Rice Pots: the Steamed Fried Rice (Php 62) and the Stewed Pork Rice (Php 62)

Steamed Fried Rice
Stewed Pork Rice

The Steamed Fried Rice has steamed pork and sauce on top of the fried rice. I figured that the Stewed Pork is Asado on top of the fried rice. Though a serving might look small, it was actually good enough for 2 persons (especially if you're planning on ordering lots of dimsum) :)

Harbour City is just MAJESTIC!!! I completely understand Richie for loving this place sooo much, because I loved it too! I can't wait to go back to Cebu and have a grand meal at Harbour City.

But while I still have to save for another Cebu adventure, I'd just settle with waiting for a Dimsum Break Manila branch which is opening anytime this year. Yey! :)


Harbour City Dimsum House
3rd Level
Ayala Center Cebu
Cebu City

Mactan Marina Mall
Lapu-Lapu City


  1. I love harbour city too! My favorite is the quial's egg siomai. I love how the servings are small and affordable so you can order a variety of dimsum.

  2. Cebu? Nag-crave pa naman ako ng dimsum... :(

  3. Chinese dishes! How I love 'em ^_^ More of your Cebu side trips.

  4. ang layo akala ko sa ayala makati lang hehe

    pero yummy dimsums!


    1. Oh, they're opening a Dimsum Break branch at SM North. :)

  5. Replies
    1. Very reasonable that we just fired our orders as soon as we sat down. haha. :)

  6. wow, sarap naman ng mga food na to.

  7. wow.. i am intrigue with how the steamed pork rice tastes... Ive never tried dining in yet.. Are there any branch here in QC?

    1. There will be a Dimsum Break branch at SM North soon! ;)

  8. Oh my! Will be going to Cebu next weekend, definitely will try this! :)

    1. Hi ZaiZai! Hope you'll try it when you visit Cebu. :)

  9. The bacon shaomai and crab pincers look awesome! Nice!

  10. Michy, their dimsum looks awesome! And so cheap for something so yummy-looking! I want to go tuloy to Cebu soon just for this, haha! =)

    1. You should try Dimsum Break when they opened in SM North. :)

  11. They look good. I really miss Chinese food. Can't get good dim sum here in Dubai. :(

    1. I hope you'll grab some dimsum when you get back here in Manila. :)

  12. I certainly love Siomai! And those shakes look super sarap too :)

  13. You made me crave for some dimsum at 1AM!!! Will definitely check Harbour City when I visit Cebu.. :)

  14. I miss dimsum and sweet and sour pork.. yumm yummm... nakakawa n mcdo during lunch!

  15. Wow! Bacon siomai? Sounds sinful. =)

  16. I looove the photos. Dimsum makes me soo hungry :) wanna try there when i visit cebu! ang mura din ng food :)

    The Bargain Doll

  17. siomai really had gone a long way... there's just a lot of variety. Yahweh bless.

    1. Maybe you're referring to dimsum? :) Yeah, and I think I haven't even tried enough variety.haha. :)


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