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Mad Mark's with the Big Boys

Note: This branch relocated to Pioneer Center Supermart, 8006 Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

It started with a tweet, so my engineering friends and I finally met for some awesome dinner at Mad Mark's. :) I was just as excited to try Mad Mark's and to get together with these guys because I haven't seen some of them since college graduation. Talk about a reunion. :P

Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen D is one Kapitolyo gem that offers huge man sandwiches, all-natural ice cream, pasta, and steaks. I wanted to visit this place for such a long time and since I want to try as many sandwiches as I can, I brought my big boys (and their appetites can really bring the house down!)

Man Sandwiches and Fries

Mad Mark's offers their Man Sandwiches in Just Sandwich size (or half sandwich) and Man Sandwich (or whole sandwich) except for "THE" Man Sandwich. You may add Php 40 for a Side Cajun Fries and Php 50 for Side Herb Parmesan Fries.

Cajun Fries
Herb Parmesan Fries

I love cheese and I love how messy yet good the Herb Parmesan Fries is but I really liked the flavor of the Cajun Fries. 

We had The Mariner (Php 150, Just Sandwich), Lumberjack (Php 195, Just Sandwich), and Chicken Firehouse (Php 190, Just Sandwich).

The Mariner
The Lumberjack
Chicken Firehouse

The Mariner is a Fish Fillet Sandwich with Mad Mark's House Mariner Sauce. I usually prefer meat, but I liked their take on the fish fillet. The sauce was just creamy and delicious! 

Lumberjack has Grilled Angus beef with mushrooms, bell peppers, caramelized onion covered with melted mozzarella. The beef was really tender, which I appreciated. But I was hoping for a sauce to make this sandwich much more amazing. 

Chicken Firehouse is a buttered chicken fillet sandwich with their House Specialty Zing sauce. I liked this since it wasn't too spicy. I liked the shredded veggies on top too! :)

Of course, we wouldn't miss trying "THE" Man Sandwich (Php 290).

"THE" Man Sandwich

"THE" Man Sandwich is a carnivore's delight, with grilled chicken and Angus beef with fresh mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. I didn't doubt that my friends and I could finish this. What surprised me was that we ordered a SECOND "THE" Man Sandwich! I bailed on the second serving though (I'm weak, I know). 

Frozen Desserts

Mad Mark's is also known for its homemade ice cream with interesting flavors, which I surely didn't miss. :)

We had a scoop (Php 68) of the following flavors: Salted Sumatra, Javan Hot Chocolate, and English Tea Macadamia.

Salted Sumatra
Javan Hot Chocolate
English Tea Macadamia

Salted Sumatra is made from Sumatran Arabica beans with Salted Caramel Sauce. This reminds me of a caramel macchiato. Javan Hot Chocolate is made from cacao beans from Java. This flavor is so dense and has the right amount of sweetness. English Tea Macadamia is one of their newest flavors. It tastes like milk tea. I'm not much into milk tea but I liked the macadamia nuts on it. 

I really had a great time with my friends at Mad Mark's. I must commend on their service too since the staff was very accommodating and willing to answer all my questions (mind you, I'm makulit). I'd love to try the other ice cream flavors, and hopefully, I'd get to finish a Man Sandwich alone. :)


Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Desserts
23 East Capitol Drive
Brgy. Kapitolyo,
Pasig City
Contact No.3426802


  1. I tried Man Sandwich too pero di ko kinaya ubusin. half lang naubos ko. :)

    1. Wow! I do hope I could try finishing a Man Sandwich alone. :)

  2. Your photos are mouth-watering! Love the overflowing cheese! :)

  3. hohohooh the man sandwich is really THE MAN! how do I get to that place? i would love to try their sandwiches!

  4. Whoa Mich, I'm loving the look of those sandwiches! Looks like an interesting place; I'd check this out soon :)

  5. I soooo want to try this! Sana pumayag si Gab para may kasama ako. hahaha.

    1. Let me know if Gab can't join you. Lapit lang sa office ko. :) Text me. :)

  6. these look really heavy and I bet I couldn't finish a whole sandwich all to myself. I can imagine how my dairy-lovin sister would love this place though., btw, you're an engineering graduate? Wow. astig!

  7. Whoa the sandwich looks big! Kaya ko kayang ubusin yan, baka mamaya ipabalot ko pa hahaha...

  8. I've been hearing a lot about this place and I must say everything looks good! Must try one of these days. :)

  9. OMG sandwich overload! Look very interesting to try! :)

  10. I will definitely try this one of these days. Sawa na kame sa Chuck's Deli. Thanks for sharing.

  11. i love fries and sandwiches. My wife and I will definitely go there. Madali pa ang location, Pasig Kapitolyo. Thanks for Sharing :)

    1. I hope you'll like this place as much as I did. :)

  12. Yummmyyyyy!! :) :) *drooling*

  13. Okay diba? We've been here several times na

    1. I'd love to go back to try the other ice cream flavors. :)

  14. WOW! Love the sandwiches! How to get to this place?

  15. Wahhh hong laki nemen. At di masyadong busog kasama mo ha. 2nd order pa. Hahahah

  16. OMG ang reaction ko sa The Man Sandwich.... Grabe kasi!


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