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Techni-Ice My Own Way

I recently read about a new product called Techni-Ice, a sheet made of dehydrated polymer that can be used in more ways than one. :)

How would I like to use Techni-Ice? Let me count the ways:

1. For easy peasy transport of uncooked food

Whenever we have picnics or private parties, I prefer marinating meats for grilling and most of the time, transporting uncooked meat is really a hassle. We have a cooler, alright, but we need to buy ice to use it. I've experienced melted ice leaking out of the cooler, and it's not a good sight (especially if the cooler's inside the car). Techni-Ice doesn't leave leaks, which would save me (and my family) from cleaning out mess after a relaxing vacation. :)

2. For cooked food!

If I could just bring a microwave oven everywhere I go, I'd do it. Who doesn't like eating their food hot, anyway? I stopped bringing food to work for quite a while since there's no microwave oven available. With Techni-Ice, I could return to enjoying packed lunch, and save money on food too! :)

3. For my aching back

Sitting down working for one whole day on freezing temperature really gives me backaches. I could not say I have the best posture too. How I love something warm on my back like Techni-Ice to soothe the lamig on my back and save me a few pesos on visiting a masseuse regularly, which I visit a lot.

Want to know about Techni-Ice? Watch this video:

For more information, visit

This blog post is my entry to Techni-Ice Your Way Contest. Wish me luck! :)


  1. Wow! Galing naman ng Techni-Ice na yan! Another great innovation! We wish you luck dear! ت

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  2. so that's techni-ice pala!! great entry, very informative :)

    goodluck with the contest! :)

  3. That's cool! :)

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  4. ooh this is cool! You're right! The mess, hassle and all that can almost ruin a perfect vacation :/

  5. cool.... it will make our life easier

  6. cool! simple yet practical ways of using techni-ice...hope you'll win

  7. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for the submission. We're currently reviewing your entry for final judging. Good luck!

    - Techni-Ice Philippines

  8. i love products kapag multi-purpose. besides dapat gan'un na nga these days for our money's worth.


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