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Never Too Late for Chili's

Weeks before Chili's Big Mouth Burger Day, my friends and I were already ecstatic. Unfortunately, we missed it. I guess we should read posters more carefully. :) We pushed through with our lunch at Chili's anyway.

Chili's is a Tex-Mex restaurant that originated in the US and has been in the country for 14 years. Currently with 4 locations around the metro, Chili's is a great hang-out place for foodies who want authentic American and Mexican specialties.

For starter, we ordered Classic Baked Nachos (Php 435).

Classic Baked Nachos

Each chip has beans, melted cheese, and jalapeƱos and served with pico de gallo and sour cream. This beautiful dish is really delicious and it saves me from making a mess while eating since the cheese is baked on top of it. :) It's best eaten while piping hot.

We also got Big Mouth Burger Bites (Php 395), which is good for sharing.

Big Mouth Burger Bites

It has four mini beef burgers (we asked for medium-well done, I think) with bacon, American cheese, sauteed, and green onions. We skipped the Ranch dressing since my friend doesn't like mayonnaise.  The dish is served with onion rings and fries. It's comfort food at its finest. I think I got excited with the onion rings that I only got to finish one mini burger (which is quite surprising, since I could finish a Stackers burger).

I really felt bad that we missed the Big Mouth Burger Day, we could have tried all the burgers Chili's has to offer. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience (though a little too pricey).

I guess I'll try the steaks and fajitas the next time I visit.


Chili's Grill & Bar
26 Missouri St. corner Nevada St.,
Northeast Greenhills,
San Juan City
Contact Nos.7272959, 7273008

Other branches are Greenbelt 5, Tomas Morato and Power Plant Mall


  1. Replies
    1. Hi pinkcookies! You should try this one time. :)

  2. I've tried the burger bites before and i love how juicy it was. Really good for sharing! :)

  3. bang!! ang sarap tingnan. mas masarap kainin. haha

  4. the best! ahahaha

    i wonder kung pwede ako maging owner nyan someday hehe


    1. Hi TR! Why not? But then, you not have your own Tex-Mex resto? :)

  5. meron pa ba sila nung bottomless chips? yun ang bet ko!

  6. My sister loves Chili's but I haven't tried it yet. I dunno if that's a good or a bad thing coz I really LOVE Tex-Mex!

  7. I still haven't tried Chili's yet. The food looks really good though! :D

  8. The Classic Baked Nachos looks awesome. I guess I'll try that one too when I drop by Chili's again. And yeah, it's quite expensive but I hope it's worth it. :P

    And, hi Miss Sumi, you gotta try Chili's too, they have awesome food and service. :)


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