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Isabelo Garden Restaurant

Note: Isabelo Garden Restaurant has been rebranded to Rustic Mornings by Isabelo 

The PEx Gluttony Society took a while before our food trip to Isabelo Garden Restaurant became a reality. However, the wait was worth it, and that's putting it mildly.

Named after the street where it is located, Isabelo Garden Restaurant is a private dining restaurant tucked inside Marikina City. The owner, Portia Dee Baluyut, opened her grandmother's home garden to serve delicious and mouth-watering dishes.

Take note that a reservation and a down payment of Php 1000 are required to dine here. (Thanks to Ray for taking care of this for our group). Pre-ordering is also required for the entrees but the dessert may be ordered on-the-spot. :)


Spinach Artichoke Dip

Called the dish that "started it all",  the Spinach Artichoke Dip (Php 350) is served hot with Ciabatta bread. I couldn't get enough of it! It has the right amount of creaminess that tastes well even if it has gone cold.

Isabelo Lokal Bolognese

Mushroom Cream Pasta with Truffle Oil

We also had 2 pasta dishes: Isabelo Lokal Bolognese (Php 300) and Mushroom Cream Pasta with Truffle Oil (Php 450). Both are really yummy. The Isabelo Lokal Bolognese is just right for my taste and the Mushroom Cream Pasta has the right amount of creaminess, though I wish they used spaghettini for the Mushroom Cream Pasta.

Quattro Formaggio
We got a Quattro Formaggio pizza (Php 450), which is made from homemade dough and four types of cheese is also a must-try! Isn't it obvious that I love cheese?

Main Entrees

Beef Bourguignon
Roasted Pork Crackling

We got two of the most popular main dishes: Roasted Pork Crackling (Php 1250) and Beef Bourguignon (Php 780). The Roasted Pork Crackling is roasted in the pugon (furnace) for four hours and served with 4 kinds of sauces: mango sauce, vinegar, marinara sauce, and apple sauce. I think it goes well with any of the four sauces but I liked it with mango sauce the most. Beef Bourguignon is a pugon-cooked beef for four hours with wine-and-tomato-based sauce, which I found sweet, but liked it nevertheless. It's something I'd love to eat at my home.


We would've loved to try the sorbet, but since it wasn't available by the time we are about to order, so we got each of the following: Mango Float (Php 110), Key Lime Mini Pie (Php 200) and Dark Chocolate Mud Pie (Php 175 per slice).

Key Lime Mini Pie
Dark Chocolate Mud Pie

Mango Float
I used to do refrigerated cake at home, but their Mango Float is simply awesome! I think I have to use mango this time (since I use peaches for my refrigerated cake). The Key Lime Pie reminded me of New York Cheesecake with a bit more tanginess of lime. It's really delicious! A personal favorite is the Dark Chocolate Mud Pie, which almost had an ice cream-like consistency.

Malongo Coffee
To finish the dinner, I ordered a cup of Malongo Coffee (Php 95), which is offered by coffee pods. I got myself a Brasil Sul de Minas, which has a rich and smooth aroma. It's a nice way to cap a delicious meal.

Isabelo Garden Restaurant is one of the most satisfying restaurants I've been to. The trek to Marikina and the price are really worth it. The service is superb and the food is really sumptuous!

I see myself returning to Isabelo Garden soon.

More photos here:

our table
Our server offered us Malongo Coffee pods
old family photos inside the mini-gallery

Thanks to Ate Miriam and Kuya Mel for the double birthday treat!


Isabelo Garden Restaurant
#11 Isabelo Mendoza St.,
Brgy. San Roque,
Marikina City
Contact Numbers: 5106914, 09087401645


  1. Wow! I've always wanted to visit Isabelo :) hopefully we'll get to visit this place soon :)

  2. Hope to visit the place too. the food photos made me want to eat them now. great shots!:)

  3. Wow, everything seems yummy! I feel myself gaining weight by just reading. XD

  4. Wow, everything seems yummy! I feel myself gaining weight by just reading. XD

  5. foods seems delicioso, and the place soo lovely, especially the one pic, with lights on that trees, hey it hat a Balete tree?

    1. I'm not sure about the tree, but the place is really beautiful! ;)

  6. Oh wow. The place looks fancy. It obviously is since you need a downpayment of P1000 But the food looks delicious! :)

  7. I've heard so much about this place! Oh my everything looks sooo good and special! I want to go!!!

  8. Wow! I love the place. I've always hoped to be able to go to places like these. Just didn't have the time na lang. =(

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  10. Got watery mouth here while reading your post and watching those photos. haha. It was an expensive meal but since you liked it and feeling great after all, what would I expect? And it was a birthday treat, a once in a lifetime meal, indeed. chow! chow!

  11. Perfect for romantic dates, too. Made me hungry. Hehe.

  12. wow so romantic!


  13. So sad I still can't scratch off Isabelo's off my must-try-restos list. But, I'll make sure to dine here really soon! :D

    1. Yeah, too bad you weren't available that time. I hope you'll try this soon! :)

  14. Wow. The food looks mouth-watering and the place looks amazing too.

    1. It really is. :) I hope you'll get to try this!

  15. wow, marikina. lapit sa min ito. Thanks for sharing Michy. Definitely, we'll try this one. :)

  16. marikna lng pala to. bakit hindi kona bbalitan to. dito lang po sa blog nyo. mapuntahan nga :)


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