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Xin Tian Di at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria

My college friends and I took advantage of Xin Tian Di's Deal Grocer voucher offer and had a little get-together one weekend. Xin Tian Di is Crowne Plaza Galleria's Chinese restaurant which offers an unlimited dimsum buffet. We got the deal for Php 780 per person (the original price is Php 1188), not bad for a hotel buffet.

Xin Tian Di has a pocket view of the Ortigas business district with ambient lighting. We were seated at a round table, which was a bit awkward since there are only four of us. We didn't bother to ask for a transfer because we had a nice view of the place.

We were given order forms where we could tick which items and how many of each item we would like to have. The menu has 6 categories: Steamed, Pan-Fried & Deep-Fried, Vegetarian, Noodles, Congee, and Dessert. We skipped the congee but ordered at least 1 from the other categories:


We ordered the traditional dim sum: Steamed "Sio Mai" Pork Dumplings, Steamed "Sio Mai" Japanese style, Steamed BBQ Pork Buns, and Steamed Crystal Prawns ("Ha Kao")

Steamed "Sio Mai" Pork Dumplings
Steamed "Sio Mai" Japanese Style
Steamed BBQ Pork Buns
Steamed Crystal Prawns "Ha Kao"
The Japanese Sio Mai reminds me of the ones sold at Master Siomai, but it was so meaty, like the traditional Sio Mai. The Steamed BBQ Pork Buns is a little sweet and my friend liked it. The Hakao has 2 huge pieces of shrimp inside which I really like. Nothing too special though.

We also had Steamed Pork Ribs in XO Sauce and Steamed "Xiao Long Pao" Shanghai Style.

Steamed Pork Ribs in XO Sauce
Steamed "Xiao Long Pao" Shanghai Style

I loved the Steamed Pork Ribs, the meat was so tender that we didn't bother to order rice anymore. Another must-try is the Xiao Long Pao, also known as 'soup dumplings'. It tastes almost similar to the ones I've had at Shi Lin. My friends enjoyed listening to my little Xiao Long Pao lecture while eating these delicious dumplings.

We also had Stone Fish Dumpling and Bird's Eye Dumpling.

Stone Fish Dumpling
Bird's Eye Dumpling

I wasn't able to taste the fish in the Stone Fish Dumpling, it was meaty nevertheless. The Bird's Eye Dumpling's good too.

Pan-Fried & Deep-Fried

We didn't bother to order too many fried items except the Crispy Spring Rolls, which was a good breaker from all those steamed items we ordered, and the Chinese Pancake.

Crispy Spring Rolls
Chinese Pancake
The Chinese Pancake is like a flattened buchi with custard filling. I loved it!


We also got a vegetarian version of Spring Rolls, but I guess we were too full to appreciate this.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

I wasn't into noodle soups and congee so we just ordered Dry-Fried Flat-Shaped Rice Noodles with Beef or Beef Hofan.

Beef Hofan
I found their version bland. I was looking for a little sweetness but I found none.

My friends and I ordered all the dessert items on the menu except for the buchi (since we already had Chinese Pancake). We got the Steamed Sweetened Layer Cake and Sweet Egg Custard.

Steamed Sweetened Layer Cake
Sweet Egg Custard

The Steamed Sweetened Layer Cake tastes like fruitcake, so if you like fruitcake, you'd probably like this. The Sweet Egg Custard is so-so for me.

We also got the other three items: Malay Cake, Coffee Pudding, and Chocolate Mantao.

Malay Cake

Coffee Pudding
Chocolate Mantao

Two dessert items that I liked were the Malay Cake and the Coffee Pudding. The Malay Cake has this nutty edge which I really like and being a coffee addict, I found the Coffee Pudding really addicting! My friends fell in love with the Chocolate Mantao that they ordered for another one.

Overall, I was satisfied with our Xin Tian Di experience. The service and ambiance is great. I could say that the deal we got was worth it. I would probably try this once again and try the other items we weren't able to try.


Xin Tian Di
Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria
Ortigas Avenue corner ADB Avenue,
Ortigas Center,
Quezon City
Contact Number: 6337222 local 7240 / 7247


  1. dimsum.. dimsum.. dimsum.. nakakagutom!! Syang wasn't able to avail this deal :(

    1. Aww. Sana they'll offer na lang again this deal soon. ;)

  2. i so love Chinese cuisine, so many varieties to choose from, and hindi nakakasawa kahit ti2gan, masarap ding iexplore isa-isa...nice of you to eat in Crowne Plaza :)

    1. Yep, we weren't able to try everything in the menu pa nga eh. :)

  3. I want to go back to Xin Tian Di so badly! Super sulit ang deal and I want to eat more of their coffee pudding! :D

    Sharing my Xin Tian Di review:

    1. Tara let's grab the next deal pag inoffer ulit! ;)

  4. The dimsum looks really good! I think I would enjoy it here! I wish I had known about the deal though, not sure if my companions would pay 1k for a buffet :( Even if the food is good.

    Taste's Intentions

    1. Grabbing group deals is a very nice way to try expensive restaurants without paying so much. :) I hope you'll try this. :)

  5. Oooh dimsum <3 haha. I wanna try the Malay cake and the pudding. And of course, the legendary Xiao long pao! haha.

  6. I didn't have the chance to grab this deal :( *extreme sad face* But I'm glad it was a fulfilling experience! XD

    I miss dimsums so much na!

  7. lovely post you git here dear! I am big when it comes to Chinese food and your post got me hungry. Honestly, I haven't tried purchasing vouchers to any group buying site. It's crazy, I know. :)

  8. Dreaming of that Steamed Pork Ribs in XO Sauce! :)
    Great Deal sis!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I gotta try this! :)

  10. I'm suddenly craving for Chinese food. I want the xiaolongbao and pork ribs, my favorites! :)

  11. sarap nman ng mga foods...!! =))

  12. I don't know why but I feel that eat all you can dimsum is not so worth it. Maybe because I'm used to eating dimsum sa binondo and kakabusog na mura lang hehe.

  13. daming dumpling to it!

    1. Yep, and we weren't able to try everything.hehe

  14. Namimiss ko yung Japanese siomai! =(


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