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Thuk Thai

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

My friends have heard me rave about this hole-in-the-wall Thai resto for many times. I've been visiting Thuk Thai for countless times, and I still love it!

Thai food is a bit similar to Filipino food, but leaning more on the spicy and curry side. For those who aren't too tolerant with spicy food, Thai food also have non-spicy dishes.

Thuk Thai used to be located near UA&P but transferred to Rockwell Ortigas. It offers authentic Thai food at the most affordable prices. The place is on a minimalist side with photos from Thailand.

Thuk Thai offers dishes that are either for sharing or for solo. You may also choose which meat to use for most curry and noodle dishes.

We ordered Khao Tops or rice toppings this time.

I suggested that my friend orders Gai or chicken on Khao Gaeng Kheawan or green curry on rice (Php 145)

Gai Khao Gaeng Kheawan

The dish is a bit tricky since it would taste sweet at first but would slowly taste hot. It is quite tolerable for me, but a glass of water on the side would help.

I was on my safe side and ordered a non-spicy dish, Khao Nua Namman Hoy, or beef with oyster sauce on rice (Php 140) The sauce in this dish is a bit sweet and the beef is also tender. (I wasn't able to take a picture of it, too bad).

For our noodle dish, we ordered Phad See Eaw with Moo or Pork (Php 130 for small, Php 215 for large).
Phad See Eaw

Phad See Eaw has Thai flat noodles with native pechay and soy sauce. It is a good alternative to Phad Thai, especially to those who are allergic to nuts. I prefer ordering this one since I prefer flat noodles.

We both got Thai Iced Tea (Php 65) and Lemongrass Iced Tea (Php 55).

Thai Iced Tea

My friend liked the Lemongrass Iced Tea, the Thai Iced Tea is a milk tea which I couldn't quite judge because I'm not a fan of milk tea. Hahaha.

Overall, I love the simplicity of the ambiance of Thuk Thai. It is more affordable than other Thai restos.

I love Thuk Thai!

P.S. Thanks for the lunch treat! :)


Thuk Thai
Ground Floor, Rockwell Business Center Tower 2
Ortigas Avenue
Pasig City
Contact Number: 4708485 (470THUK)


  1. I love love love Thai cuisine. :)

  2. I miss Thuk Thai! Love their Bagoong rice and padthai! :)

  3. Hi A! Me too. ;)

    Hi Berylle! Glad you've already tried Thuk Thai. ;)

  4. i am very particular with thai food since it's my favorite dish. tom yum is my favorite in particular.

    it looks like a cozy place, i prefer the kainan-sa-kanto thai places haha

  5. Hi totomai! Thuk Thai used to be a kainan-sa-kanto type near UA&P but transferred to Rockwell Ortigas (maybe) for a better ambiance. :D

  6. I haven't tried any Thai foods yet so I'm really excited for tomorrow! haha.. :)) Will try Thuk Thai too some time soon too.. (I hope the boyf gets enticed tom so our next Thai food adventures will be easier).

  7. Hi Sumi! Nice! Now you'll be able to try Thai tomorrow. See you! :D

  8. Have you tried SR Thai sa Dapitan UST?
    tama ka medyo similar sya sa Pinoy food (andaming kanin!) and affordable pa. :3

  9. Hi Lady Spring! I'm a Thomasian but I haven't tried SR Thai in UST. :( Yes, it's quite affordable. :D

  10. Hi Mary! You have to try Thuk Thai and the green curry! :)

  11. uy Thomasian ka din?! cool! CRS ako :3
    ah ENG ka pa pala kasi (read your about me page XD) Hindi rin ako napadpad sa side nyo ;3

  12. Hi Lady Spring! Yep, I'm a Thomasian since HS, but I'm not too adventurous with food then that's why I never got to try SR Thai. Haha. :D

  13. I'm passing up on thai food muna ... too much Thai food lately ...

    1. Me too. Will another Thai resto blogpost soon. :D


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