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The Return to Il Mercanti

I just can't get enough of Il Mercanti so I returned to try some stalls that I wasn't able to try during my first visit. I went again with the Northies. :)

Here are other stalls which you should try:

1. King Chicken

Chicken Poppers

I got the Chicken Poppers (Php 65) which you can choose plain, with soy garlic or with chili soy garlic. I got mine in soy garlic. A serving is good for sharing, which is always a good thing for me. I was expecting a bit more flavor, but it didn't have much of the soy garlic I expected. It was a good comfort food though.

2. the street food

street food galore!

I didn't see any name on the stall but one would not miss the street food galore. Kwek Kwek, isaw, barbeque, they have it!


My friends got two long sticks of isaw at Php 20 a stick. Too bad I'm not keen on eating isaw.

3. Med Chef

Of course, I won't miss dessert! I bought Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce (Php 60) while my friend got S'mores Cake (Php 60).

Chocolate Cake


The cake was so filling that I had to take it home. The cake wasn't too sweet. Judging the looks of the friends, I think they loved the S' mores.

My friends got Amburger's Juicy Lucy Bacon Mushroom Melt (Php 250) this time.

Amburger's Juicy Lucy Bacon Mushroom Melt

And claimed it wasn't tough. Oh well, maybe my patty wasn't grilled well last time.

What I love about Il Mercanti is that it is not too crowded, it was very easy for us to find seats. The grills are placed strategically so that customers will not be bothered with the smoke.

Am I getting addicted to Il Mercanti? I guess I am. 


Il Mercanti Food Bazaar
Metrowalk Open Area

Meralco Avenue

Pasig City


  1. My next burger target is the juicy lucy.. I might go to Il Mercanti soon! Sana you'll be there too! :D

  2. Hi Richie! Sure! Just send me an email :D

  3. I'll make sure to visit Il Mercanti really soon. It's the nearest among all the popular food bazaars, although it's still a little far from my place.. haha.. :))

  4. Hi Sumi! You might want to check the newly-opened Banchetto in SM Cubao. :D That's the nearest from your place which I could think of. :D

  5. There's Banchetto na pala in SM Cubao! Thank you so much for the tip.. :) I'll make sure to visit it super soon.

  6. Yep, newly-opened lang so don't expect much. :D

  7. I havent been there. Effort para sa akin puntahan to e hehe. I am excited to try Distrito.

  8. Hi kay! Ako naman never been to Distrito, but I should try it soon. :D

  9. try fat chicken... their stall looks crappy but they probably have the best tasting food in there :)

  10. Hi! Will try that when I get back. :) Thanks for the suggestion! :D

  11. Mouth watering Bacon Mushroom Melt! Yum :)


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