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Photo Album #06: It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Alright. I'm riding the waves by doing the DOT slogan: "It's More Fun in the Philippines" and posting my pictures here.

I didn't have to struggle in looking for photos that would represent the country, because seriously, Philippines is beyond beautiful.

We just have to be more disciplined and care for our environment more and be proud to be Filipinos.

Here are my versions of (ten-te-nen!) : More Fun in the Philippines!

See? It's a LOT more fun in the Philippines! :D


  1. i like the tree hugging michy :)

  2. see, the slogan is bringing out our creative side! :-) hanging out's cool

  3. Love this! I like the treehugging and hanging out too.. :D

  4. Thanks guys! :) The hanging out picture is a "chamba" photo the last time I went to Tagaytay. :D

  5. Treehugging sabay inaantok, more fun yon! another unique version ng More Fun in the Philippines.. :D

  6. Hi venjo! Tarsiers are nocturnal creatures, FYI. :)


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