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Brazil! Brazil! Churrasco Platter

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I would like to share with you a group deal success story in this food review.

I was not a fan of group deals due to bad experiences with two vouchers prior: one was a non-satisfactory skin treatment and another was a finance seminar that I wasn't able to use (and the website refused to give me a refund). Because of these experiences, I felt hesitant with buying another voucher.

After reading a review from The Pickiest Eater about Brazil! Brazil!, I vowed that I will buy that deal if it would be offered again. Thank goodness it was offered again so I got to buy the voucher last November.

Brazil! Brazil! Churrascaria ("barbeque house" in Portuguese) is an eat-all-you-can restaurant that offers a variety of grilled meats.

However, the offer from Metrodeal is for a Churrasco Feast Platter for Php 770 (instead of Php 1440) and not the buffet. I thought that it would be a good experience for myself and my two lunch buddies since we haven't been there before.

my Metrodeal voucher

For I have understood in the voucher, the platter was good for 4 persons. But when we got there, the waiter explained that the platter was supposed to be good for 2. I wished that they indicated it on the fine print.

But let me tell you that two people will not be able to finish churrasco platter, that's impossible. More about that as you read on.

The festival masks decorating the restaurant and Brazilian music playing at the background reminded me of the movie Rio (the very first movie I watched in 3D.haha)

While waiting for the churrasco platter, we were served with two bowls of corn soup, bread with butter and iced tea.

Our hearts stopped at the sight of our platter.

Brazil! Brazil! Churrasco Platter

And we just went WOAH!

Brazil Brazil! Churrasco Platter has the following:

- Japanese Corn
- Hanging Tender
- Pork Belly
- Pork Shoulder
- Chicken Thighs
- Frankfurter Sausage
- Banana
- Beef Brisket
- Java Rice

java rice under the meats

I loved everything, particularly the frankfurter and the pork parts. I loved smothering my share with lots of gravy, I'm glad the staff was nice enough to give me lots of refills. As a serial beef eater, I found the beef really tough.

Like what I said, two persons cannot possibly finish this churrasco platter because even the three of us weren't able to finish the platter!

Here's the proof:

the platter after

What can I say? I love Brazil Brazil! I'd love to go back and try everything before the world ends.


Brazil Brazil! Churrascaria
Metrowalk Complex
Meralco Avenue,
Pasig City
Contact Nos.6386318 to 19

Another branch is at Serendra


  1. You definitely scored on that deal ;) Brazil Brazil is a meat lovers paradise!

  2. WOW~
    you know baka sign to..I found your blog when I'm supposedly going on a diet this year :/

    haha XD
    thanks for the metrodeal link!

  3. Hi munchersandnibblers! Yes, it is heaven for carnivores like me. :)

    Hi Lady Spring! I believe that exercise is more effective than going on a diet. :) Besides, I can't help eating.haha.

  4. I am so regretting for missing the deal! XD The boyf though is thinking that we pay Brazil! Brazil! a visit next week.. :)

  5. sa Metrowalk to diba? Yan pupuntahan ko yan!

  6. I wish I didn't miss the deal as well! :( The servings are biiig. Pang lamon mode talaga sya. ;)

  7. Hi Sumi! I hope they offer the same deal again. :D You have to try it!

    Hi kay! Yes, that's in Metrowalk, the other branch is at Serendra. :D

    Hi Mary! Yep, even monsters can't finish this! :D

    Hi Berylle! I agree, I'd uber delicious! :D

  8. I have heard great things about Brazil! Brazil! from a lot of people, for years already. I am soO near Serendra, but haven't tried it yet. This post just made me so hungry right now. I should try it soon even if I am in a diet-dietan mode.

    Happy New Year! :)

    My latest post: My orange & elemi facial wash saved my eyes

  9. Hi Bee! I guess you should try Brazil Brazil soon, but consider your diet ruined forever.haha. joking! :D

  10. Sana tinake home mo nalang yung tira mo.. akin nalang sana hehe

  11. Hi Richie! Hindi ko nga naisip ipatake home. Sayang nga eh. Sarap pa naman.hehe :D

  12. gusto ko tuloy mapuntahan yang Brazil Brazil na yan. mukhang masarap ang mga pagkain..

  13. the masks made me remember our city's festival.

    looks delicious but i don't like the way the platter was arranged LOL!

  14. Hi totomai! The platter doesn't look that attractive but it was really delicious! :D

  15. good review parang ang sarap naman nia, baka kaya nilagay na good for 4 kasi madami talaga

  16. Hi chrisair! The platter was suppposed to be good for 2. :D

  17. YUM! I have to try this one very soon.

  18. I was thinking of buying that deal as well. But my friend suggested that the buffet mas more worth it. But reading this made me regret not buying afterall.

  19. Hi ate jssica and Tsinoy Foodies! Let's just wish Metrodeal offers this deal again. :D

  20. OHMY that's a huge serving.I'm going to check out metrodeal and see some delish promo.


  21. Hi Queenie! It was MONSTER-ful! :D Hope they offer this deal again soon. :D


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