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Tales from a Coffee Addict

I love coffee.
I cannot survive without coffee.
I cannot imagine a world without coffee.

Though I still have to buy myself a coffee maker (there are so many options that my brain freezes whenever I have to choose ONLY one) and still have to win the lottery so that I could buy myself an espresso machine (my ULTIMATE dream), I'm indulging myself to instant coffee.

Here are some of my recent purchases, which I bet some of you have already tried. :)

If you haven't, you should try it.

1. Hills Bros Coffee

This coffee was recommended to me by Kenny, because her dad loves it. I got so curious and got myself two jars. A jar costs around Php 300. I love the aroma of Hills Brothers coffee that it makes me want to drink more.

2. Taster's Choice

I bought the original label though most labels are now branded with "Nescafe Taster's Choice". This is a bit expensive ($14.08 or around Php 600), that I have yet to taste the difference with number 3.

3. Nescafe Gold

A bit more pricey than the local Nescafe (Php 218), but I like the bigger granules. It's as good as having brewed coffee.

4. Starbucks Frappuccino

I used to see this in groceries but I haven't got one since a Starbucks store is always nearby. Since it was quite a bargain ($1.29 or around Php 55), I bought it. :)

Are you a coffee addict like me? Which ones have you tried?


  1. I love coffee too and I want to have an espresso machine someday.. *sigh* Anyway, we only have different jars of Nescafe here at home.. >.< But whenever I'm out, I make sure to get some better coffee. So far, I'm liking Figaro's, Seattle's and CBTL's brews. For something cold, I like the bottled Starbucks light frappuccino. For me, it's better than the cold drinks at Starbucks.. XD

  2. I have to stop drinking coffee because I became acidic even if I only consume half a cup everyday :(

  3. Hi Sumi! Whenever I'm out, I only stick with Starbucks. :) I liked the brewed Starbucks than the bottled ones. :)

    Hi madie! That's too bad. :( I used to be acidic too (because I love drinking Coke too).

  4. For the Hills Bros, one teaspoon of coffee, 3 teaspoon of cream and 3 teaspoon of sugar. or change teaspoon to tablespoon for big mugs.

    You can also switch cream with sterilized bear brand. The bomb!

  5. YEHEY! I got the secret formula! :D So if I'm going to use a Citymug, it should be tablespoon! Woah! Can't wait to try it! :)

  6. I try to avoid it, as long as I can, but only Nescafe that I tried

  7. Oww. Do you have health issues? I can't avoid coffee. I limit the cups I drink but I cannot live the day without drinking coffee. :)

  8. I used to drink so much coffee but my doctor asked me to lessen or remove it entirely. :( I would get a double shot latte from Starbucks everyday back then. Now, I sometimes sneak in a cup especially after a hearty meal. :D Look for coffee by Ghirardelli. They have coffee that has a chocolate-y aroma!

  9. Hi Lynne! Woah, thank goodness I haven't been asked by the doctor to stop drinking coffee. Thanks for the suggestion, I have to try Ghirardelli soon! :)


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