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Stackers Burger Cafe (The Return)

Note: This restaurant is already closed.

For some strange reasons, our default lunch at Metrowalk would always be Stackers Burger Cafe. A lunch buddy was craving for a burger, and I guess it was a chance to introduce Stackers to her.

inside Stackers

Stackers Burger is one of the juiciest yet affordable burgers in the metro. It is more affordable than other burger restaurants in the area that's why I insisted on bringing my friend there.

We both ordered the Runny Burger (Php 160) and added crispy chips and drinks for Php 65.

Runny BurgerCrispy Chips

Runny Burger has a quarter pounder beef patty with lettuce, mayo, American cheese, tomato, onion bits with savory Aussie beef sauce.

Another friend who joined us for lunch got himself a Mango Drink Ala Mode (Php 65).

Mango Ala Mode

Stackers serve Drink Ala Mode like Mango fruit juice topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and syrup. It's one of the treats in Stackers that you should try.

My friend was quite surprised that the Runny Burger was so huge! We both have to eat with the little baskets under our chins to save the sauce. The burger sauce was so delicious I grabbed a spoon and ate it after finishing my burger.

Why do we always go back to Stackers? They have the juiciest burger ever! They have the milkshake, ice cream, and free wifi! They are open 24/7! (Weeee!)

The staff is always accommodating and the ambiance oh-so-cozy.

Yeah, I'm already a Stackers fan. And I think my friend has become a fan too. :)


Stackers Burger Cafe
Building A G9
Metrowalk Commercial Center
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
Contact No. 4511331
Open 24/7

Note: Other branches are Eastwood City, McKinley Piazza and New Port


  1. too bad I found this disappointing. we ate in eastwood & food wasn't as god as expected.:-|

  2. That's too bad. I wonder what you ordered that time. :\

  3. Bf and I tried Stackers too at Eastwood, pero kami naman had a good time. The burgers we got were good, I forgot though what those are since last year pa yun.. XD We'll definitely be back at Stackers soon.. :)

    Btw, I'm holding a giveaway over at my blog. Hope you can take a quick peek, or join if you like. Thanks!

  4. Hi Sumi! Yes, I think you should go back. :D Will join that contest. I hope I win.haha. :)

  5. Ill give this a try when I go to Pasig. Sawang sawa na kasi ako sa normal na burger from Mcdo and Jollibee =))

  6. Hi Jeo! Please do. :D Let me know what you think after you've tried it. :D

  7. Looks good. Will try it out one day. =)

  8. there's one in the fort right? I'd love to visit it one time

  9. Hi Jane! Please do. :)

    Hi Kay! Yes, in McKinley Piazza. :D

  10. My wife and I should give this a try when coming back to Phils. I think its a must try!!!! thanks for sharing ^_^


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