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Photo Album #05

Merry Christmas! Posting pictures I've taken this month. Most of the pictures are taken last Christmas. Enjoy! :)

at the Taoist Temple, Cebu City
Hot chocolate at ECHOcafe
My Lola's Igadillo
everybody loves Laing! why can't I?

Advance Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Yes, I went to Cebu early this month. :)

  2. You take nice photos ate michy! :)

    PS: I LOVE laing!!! ^^

  3. Hi Sumi! Thanks! But you take NICER photos. :)

    Hi Tin! I think it's also Igado? I'm not so sure.haha. :)

  4. I have actually been to Cebu Taoist Temple and I love the place!

  5. Hi Travel Ria! I agree, the place is so nice. :D


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