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My Attempt to Book Collecting

I love reading. I read whenever I get a chance to do so. I read in whatever format: PDF, java format (yes, I have books on my mobile phone) and of course, the actual books.

I used to buy books on book fairs or book sales during college, but I started buying brand new books when I started working.

I love collecting books by author, title, or series. I also love collecting magazines. My collection is still a work in progress, as I still refuse to buy complete sets since it would kill the fun. But I hope I could complete something soon.

Here are some of my collections:

1. Diana books

I am a big fan of Princess Diana, and I love collecting her biographies. So far, I have the following books:
- Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton
- The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown
- Love from Diana by Michael Joseph

2. Nicholas Sparks books

I have read most of Nick Sparks' books on PDF, but I have the following:
- The Rescue
- At First Sight

3. Pugad Baboy

I love Pugad Baboy! I usually get a bit crazy whenever there's a Pugad Baboy edition missing on my shelf. I have the following:
- Pugad Baboy 7, 8, 19, 21, 22, 23

4. Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella

I have seen a complete set but I wanted to buy individually. I have the first two books: Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (bought recently). I still have 4 more to collect!

5. Bob Ong books

I have read everything (by borrowing from a dear friend) except for the last two books. So far I only have ABNKKBSNPLAKo?!

6. Kris Aquino Magazine

I love Kris Aquino! I'm not sure if I have bought all the issues but I still don't have the very first one. If you know where to find the first issue of K Mag, please let me know. And oh, I have an issue signed by James Yap. 

I also collect other books by different authors and I also buy OK magazine every month (I'm still thinking if I will get a subscription for OK).

Wish me luck on my attempt! :)


  1. Love your book collection! :) I have tons of books too, and a large pile of those I haven't read yet.. >.< Eek! I used to buy books in bulk back in high school, and I never found the time to read everything.

  2. wow, nasurprise naman ako you collect K Mag :) And that issue signed by James Yap could pass as a collector's item in my opinion hehe. Like you, I enjoy going to booksale since it's cheaper there but until now there are still books that I bought that I haven't started or finished reading boo! Pero when I started working, I also started to buy brand new books na din. My current buy is the Si Amapola sa 65 Kabanata by Ricky Lee which I haven't started reading yet. And I'm still searching also for Bob Ong's latest book. Not fan of book series though pero I think what's nice about book series is you have something to look forward to...nice collection you have here :) More to come

  3. Hi Sumi! Thanks! I read everything I buy, but now I have two books I haven't read yet: Angelology and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. :) You should take some time and read your books. Sayang eh. :)

    Hi Madie! I should have posted a picture of that issue. I will post one very soon. :) My latest buy is Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, bought last Sunday. :) I'm planning to collect Bob Ong books next year. :)

  4. wow! you really do enjoy reading huh :) I love pugad baboy too :)

    btw, I am currently holding a giveaway please check and join:

    i am certified

  5. wow grabe!! nababasa mo ito lahat?? I love reading too but hindi lahat ng books ko natatapos ko..

  6. Hi i am certified! Yes I really love reading. :) I'll check out your giveaway. :)

    Hi sarj! Yes, I read everything. Try to take some time and read your books. Nakakarefresh ng utak. :)

  7. wow... buti ka pa nabasa mo na mga kino-collect mo.. ako.. haha.. goodluck, hanggang collect lang talaga... hindi ko na mabasa sa dami... kulang na kulang sa time... :)

  8. Yes, I always bring a book whenever I go. :) Try to take some time and get hold of a book. :)

  9. cool collection! i love reading books - i usually go for sci-fi, fantasy {dragons, fairies, know the type. lol}, mystery - and i used to buy them myself. that is, until i found out that my bro-in-law also buys some of the books that i like. now, i just borrow his books. :D

  10. i love the pugad baboy and bob ong but never had one yet .i am into collecting cook book. i love to cook that is why.with my collection I can put up a small cookbook library.

  11. Hi maiylah! I'm a serial borrower too! :) But I'm trying to buy my own copies now. :)

    Hi tatess! Pugad Baboy is one of my favorite collections. I buy my mom cook books and I think she loves it because she tries to experiment every now and then.

  12. I love to read also but hold on myself to buy and buy I'm afraid that I will cluttered my place since I haven't set up a little library on my house but definitely I love books and magazine too

  13. Hi chrisair! My room is getting a bit messy too, I got have to have a new shelf soon. :)

  14. Hi! Got your link at BC blogger :)
    Collecting books is fun...kahit hindi mo pa nababasa yung ibang books :3

    Wow I love your Diana collection ha!~
    I'm her fan too..but most of what I read about her are online na.

    My mom buys K Mag too..ill ask her if she still has the 1st issue. (^=^)v

  15. Hi Lady Spring! :) I try to read everything, sayang eh. :)

    Most of Diana books are bought at book sales.

    Wow! Please let me know if she has the 1st issue. :) Thank you! :)


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