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My Attempt to Book Collecting (Part 2)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who remembered and greeted me last Christmas. But of course, I would like to give my love to those who gave me Christmas gifts! (yeah, bias, I know).

Having recently posted my book collections, I was so touched that some of my friends thought about giving me something that would add to my collection. I was REALLY touched by the gesture since I NEVER received books as gifts (I once received a book, it was a little prayer book I think, I never got to read it and I think I lost it).

I would like to share with you the latest additions to my book collection:

1. Diana The Making of A Saint by Ted Harrison

Thank you, Andrew, for remembering how much I love Princess Diana. I'm going to read this soon.

2. Pugad Baboy 5 and 6 by Pol Medina Jr

Pugad Baboy 5 is bookmarked because I'm currently reading it. Thanks a lot, Boink and Nobita! :)

3. Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin by Bob Ong

This is the latest book by Bob Ong. Thanks for this Jay! :)

All gifts are well appreciated but these are the ones that seem so special.
Again, thanks a lot!


  1. wow you already have bob ong's new book. ingit :( hehehe

  2. Hi madie! I got one because a friend gave me one. :)

  3. Is it good? I lost my entire Bob Ong collection. My ex borrowed and never returned even when I asked for it.

  4. I am starting to collect also books, because of my son, hoping that I can attract him to read more

  5. My friend got that Bob Ong book for Christmas and showed it to me. I was so weirded out by the cover, and then I saw it was by Bob Ong. Hehe! I couldn't really understand the description on the back cover though... the Filipino was way too deep! :)

  6. Hi Kay! I haven't read (or even opened) the Bob Ong book. Will let you know once I've read it. :)

    Hi chrisair! I was exposed to books at a very young age. I think you're doing to right thing. :)

    Hi Mary! Yes, the book cover was a bit weird, I still have to find out why it had a scary cover. :|

  7. happy new year! dumami pa sana yan sa 2012 :)

  8. Bob Ong has a new book? Looks interesting. =)

  9. Hi Tin! Yes, I think it was just released recently. :)


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