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Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles

Whenever we have team lunch outs, we always go Chinese, and once again we went Chinese and had lunch at Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles.

Mongkok is one of the usually crowded restaurants in Rockwell Business Center that we were asked to come earlier although I had already called for reservations. What I love about Mongkok are the huge servings and it's affordability, that's why I opted to have my birthday lunch last time.

Mongkok has so many dishes to choose from, and here are some delicious dishes we have tried:

Everyone loves siomai, so we ordered Mongkok Siomai (Php 80 for 4 pieces).

Mongkok Siomai

The siomai is so addicting! If only I could get more...

We ordered Fish Fillet with Taosi (Php 270).

Fish Fillet with Taosi

I would always ask for a fish fillet dish whenever we go Chinese, and this is my usual choice. I like the tausi sauce that I mixed it with my rice.

We also got Boneless Chicken with Lemon Sauce (Php 260).

Boneless Chicken with Lemon Sauce
I'm a chicken fanatic and I think this is one dish that never goes missing in any Chinese meal. This is a very simple but flavorful dish.

One of the surprisingly delicious dishes we had is the Salt and Pepper Spareribs (Php 270).

Salt and Pepper Spareribs

If I were to try cooking Chinese, this might be the first one I'm going to cook.

Of course, we ordered noodles - we got Cantonese Chow Mein (Php 260).

Cantonese Chow Mein

The noodles are so thin, but the sauce is so good that my tummy got heavy right away.

We ordered two kinds of fried rice: Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 160 for small) and Mongkok Special Fried Rice (Php 240 for large).

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Mongkok Special Fried Rice

I have tried both and the fried rice was already a meal itself.

I love Mongkok! I love that I always end up feeling so stuffed after eating. I like that it's so affordable compared to its neighboring restaurants. However, it can really get so crowded during lunch that the number of staff is not enough to pay attention to all the customers. I hope they add more staff to address this problem.

Nevertheless, I will keep on coming back.


Mongkok Dimsum & Noodles
Ground Floor, Tower 1
Rockwell Business Center
Ortigas Avenue
Pasig City
Contact No.6614152

Other branches include SM Mall of Asia, Robinson's Galleria, Shangri-la Plaza Mall and many more


  1. What a treat! That had me drooling, ha-ha-ha!
    Looking at the noodles, parang napaisip tuloy akong gumawa na naman ng pansit :-D

  2. Hi Nancy! Yes, it was quite a treat! Too bad I don't know how to cook pancit. :|

  3. The food looks great! Sarap tignan nung salt and pepper spareribs :) Ang affordable pa. Will try this some time

  4. I'm a sucker of Yang chow rice, was it good? as for the siomai, it looks delicious

  5. I haven't eaten Chinese for quite a while now, kaya natakam ako sa salt and pepper spareribs! :) I haven't eaten at Mongkok yet, pero will it soon.

    Have a happy Christmas! ^^

  6. I only tried this place recently, and ended up loving it! Good thing there's a branch beside medical city, so I spent a lot of house waiting for Rina to give birth here.

    As you would imagine, I was so nervous waiting for my wife in the labor room, that i wasn't able to take so much pix hehe..

    But i did enjoy the Honey Garlic Spare ribs! After seeing your post, I think i'm gonna need to go back soon :D

  7. Hi Mary! Yes, it was super affordable. :) I hope you can try this soon. :)

    Hi Jeo! Yes, the yang chow was sooo good! :)

    Hi Sumi! I understand why you haven't tried Chinese for quite a while.haha. :) Merry Christmas! :)

    Hi Richie! I usually forget taking pictures when I'm sooo hungry. :D I haven't tried the Honey Garlic Spare ribs.. hmm, I should have another Mongkok trip soon. :D

  8. hi,
    if you want real chinese food, go where the chinese or tsinoys eat. gloria maris in greenhills, president tea house in ongpin, UNO seafood in escolta and emerald garden in roxas blvd just to name a few.

    1. Hi T. Perez! I have to try those you suggested. :) I've also been to Binondo :)


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