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Il Mercanti Food Bazaar

I recently invited the Northies to pay me a visit and have a food trip at Il Mercanti at Metrowalk. I haven't been to any food bazaar since most of the food bazaars open at midnight, and I don't have enough patience to starve myself till midnight (I would also have a hard time going home after). The good thing Il Mercanti starts from 7pm to 4am, from Thursday to Saturday.

Having just opened a few months ago, it was not too crowded. We easily found seats for our group. Stalls are not too close with each other, grills are placed outside the tent.

There are so many stalls to choose from that one visit is not enough to try everything. However, here are the stalls and the food I've tried:

1. Carmencita's Pasta Boulivar Chicago Pizza and Pasta

The first stall that got our attention was the one selling Chicago deep-dish pizza. A slice costs Php 130 each on any flavor.

pizza heaven!

I bought two slices (I think one was Supreme and another was was White Cheese) for everyone to share. One person couldn't finish a slice. Oh God, it was satisfying!

2. Amburger Cafe

A fellow food club member recommended that I should try the juicy burger, which Amburger is known for. Called Juicy Lucy, the cheese was inside the patty.

Juicy Lucy Gorgonzola

I got Juicy Lucy Gorgonzola (Php 240), which was also huge that I had it divided into four.

The patty was so thick, I could say that the patty was made from pure beef, but the meat was a bit tough for me.

3. The Frap Bar

I was getting sleepy at one point and I'm glad I saw this stall. I got myself Hazelnut Venti (Php 85). I actually requested the barista if he could add more coffee on my cup, I wish he really did.

Hazelnut Venti

My friends also bought goto, potatoes in cheese, Betamax, crepe, and MedChef cake (which I regret not buying).

There are so many choices that I have to go back, the sooner the better.


Il Mercanti Food Bazaar
Metrowalk Open Area
Meralco Avenue

Pasig City


  1. The Juicy Lucy looks really good! :) Nakakatakam! Too bad it was tough, super sarap siguro nun kung 'juicy' talaga.

  2. Maybe it's just me. But I'd love to try it again (though it's a bit pricey.hehe) :)

  3. I haven't been to any food bazaars this year.. :( Maybe sa January na ko makakapag Il Mercanti.

  4. Hi Sumi! Let me know when you are going to Il Mercanti, I might be able to join you. :)

  5. Sayang I was not able to be there that time. I havent visited Il Mercanti. Hehehe. Im missing quite a lot these days. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Yum! Kaya lang Il Mercanti is a little far from our place. =(

  7. Hi Tin! I wonder where you're from.. :) It's a good alternative to Banchetto Megatent. :)

  8. Hi ate wabbit! You should visit Il Mercanti! :)

  9. Wow! my son & I love pasta so much.. Il Mercanti sana maligaw sila sa Araneta Cirle someday..dati they have BACHETTO ba yun at SM Cubao mga yummy food din serve nila..sana tuloy-tuloy lang nakakasawa na kumain sa mga fastfood..


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