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ECHOcafe at ECHOstore

My co-officers and I for my company club, Lunti, decided to have our year-end get-together/lunch meeting at the ECHOstore Serendra. We visited the same store two months ago to meet up with one of the ECHOstore's founders, Ms. Jeannie Javelosa. We took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping while doing year-end evaluations for our club.

Echocafe promotes healthy eating by serving sustainable food and using fresh ingredients that are mostly organic.

Last time we visited, I tried the Mushroom Burger (Php 195). The burger patty is made from 100% mushroom on malunggay pandesal served with iced tea. I could say that it was a healthy alternative to burgers.

For this visit, the bestseller is the Malunggay Sampler (Php 199)

Malunggay Sampler

Malunggay Sampler has malunggay pesto in whole wheat pasta, spicy sardines on malunggay pandesal, and a side salad. The pesto has malunggay and basil was mixed together so well that I didn't think I was eating malunggay.

I also ordered Hot Chocolate (Php 85), which I also liked because it was not too sweet.

Hot Chocolate

My co-worker got Hot Mocha (Php 85), which was nicely presented and of course, delicious.

Hot Mocha

Aside from the eco-friendly products and other sustainable food you can buy from ECHOstore, the food at ECHOcafe is a must-try! Also, coffee addicts can buy fresh coffee beans at Kape Isla, which is housed in the same store.

eco-friendly products at Echostore

I hope that more people will patronize local and eco-friendly products and eat healthy (if not organic) food. This is one of the advocacies of Lunti, the only advocacy club in our company.

ECHOstore, I hope your tribe will increase.


ECHOcafe at ECHOstore
Ground Floor
Serendra Piazza Driveway,
McKinley Parkway,
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City


  1. The foods are tempting I am craving for a minute there, maybe I could find some toiletries to buy if I visits

  2. madalaw nga to at makapamili ... thanks for another informative post ... dumarami na list ko of places to visit

  3. Hi air! Yes, Echostore has a lot of organic toiletries. :D I hope you can visit soon. :D

    Hi kay! You can do your Christmas shopping there. :D

  4. I just saw this last week when I went to Serendra! :) Was too full and in a hurry though so kahit fan ako ng organic products, I wasn't able to pay a visit na. But will do soon if makakabalik sa Serendra :) I'd love to try the hot drinks! ^^

  5. Hi Sumi! Let me know if you have tried Echocafe ha. :D

  6. the malunggay sampler looks delicious!no pressure talaga when you know you're indulging on healthy food.


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