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23 Goals for 2012

I was supposed to list down only 12 goals, but I've written down 23 birthday wishes last time, so I guess it should be fair if I list down 23 goals.

So here goes my list:

1. Open up an online stock trading account
- I've been writing it down on my planner, I have also printed all the forms and have the complete documents on hand, but I never get to send it. I should do it soon!

2. Buy a book monthly
- Or maybe bi-monthly. That way I will be able to complete my never-ending book collection.

my Pugad Baboy collection

3. Increase my savings
- According to an article, I should be saving at least 10-15% of my net income. I'm planning to save more.

4. Improve on photography
- Having a blog made me conscious of the pictures I'm taking. Though I'm nowhere near the term 'expert', I could say that my photography has improved a lot lately. I'm still a noob in taking people pictures (that's why I stick with taking pictures of food), I should improve on it.

5. Be more eco-conscious
- Becoming a Lunti officer made me conscious of which products I should be buying. Moreover, it has helped me become more health-conscious (though I always pig out) and environmentally conscious. I plan to influence more people by posting more Lunti-related stuff.

6. Travel more
- This year, I went to Baler, Cebu, and Bohol. I'm not much into traveling but I would like to travel to more places next year. A trip abroad would be much better (if the budget will allow it).

7. Exercise more
- I enrolled myself this year to 360 Fitness Club. I'm still thinking about whether to enroll again next year or try another gym, maybe a yoga class will do. :)

8. Buy new rubber shoes
- The rubber shoes I'm using is not really for running/exercising. Though I love shoes, I'm more into stilettos and espadrilles lately.

9. Be more organized
- My room looks like a war zone, really. I haven't got time to fix everything. I guess I shouldn't be afraid of throwing away stuff I don't need anymore.

10. Buy a coffee maker
- This plan has been going on for quite a while. I should take canvassing more seriously.

11. Get a new phone or laptop
- My phone is getting slow and I never owned a laptop in my entire life (honestly!).

12. Enroll in a language school
- I should be studying Spanish this year, but some circumstances didn't allow it. I plan to take it up next year. :)

13. Start a new sport
- Well, there was never an old sport to start with. I'd love to try target shooting or archery (to tame my temper issues)

14. Get the PEx food club recognized
- More food trips for us, more members, and hopefully we get recognized by PEx. ;)

15. Maintain my financial records
- I'm so OC with finance (being an engineer has its perks). I hope I could keep with my OC-ness until the end of the world.

16. Maintain this blog
- I just started blogging last July 2011, with a month hiatus. Every blog post is a challenge (most especially if I have a deadline to beat) and I would like to share more of my food adventures (or my personal thoughts) with you guys.

17. Have a regular beauty routine
- My current routine is just my nail spa visits. I seldom have a facial that's why I'm having breakouts lately. I should give myself some me-time and have a beauty routine.

18. Watch movies (even if I had to watch alone)
- I have missed so many movies this year because I don't have somebody to watch with. For the first time I tried watching a movie alone, and it wasn't so bad. :)

19. Think of another investment option
- Saving and investing should not stop. It feels good that I have invested early, and I can't wait to invest more.

20. Think for a million times before deciding
- My life is a bit spontaneous, and I tend to do things that I know I'll regret later. This is the same old cliche but I should be practicing this.

21. Avoid too much fries and milkshake
- I'm sooo in love with both, though I know too much is bad for me.

22. Avoid too much Coke
- If it's not coffee, it's Coke. That's why my acid is always high.

I love Coke!

23. MOVE!!!!!
- Who cares where, how, or why. I need to MOVE!!!! :)


  1. I also have in mind some of your goals, primarily the SAVE part. though i'm not really that magastos naman, I plan to have my own savings account next year. hopefully it'll push through na. good luck on your future plans esp. on your online stock trading account *nosebleed*

  2. Hi madie! You should open up a savings account soon. :) An online stock trading account is for medium to long-term investment. :)

  3. ang haba XD
    instead of "resolutions" I call it "goals" din..parang mas madaling sundin pag ganun.

    lol problem ko din ang coke ( ̄ω ̄)ノ

  4. I also have the same goals for next year: 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 15, 16. Haha, ang daming pareho.. XD Anyway, let's do everything we can to achieve our 2012 goals! Go ate michy! :) Have a happy new year.. ^^

  5. Good list. Reminds me I have to start on mine too. Hehehe! =)

  6. Hi Lady Spring! Yes, a little change term really helps. Medyo old school na kasi yung resolutions. :D

    Hi Sumi! Good luck to the both of us! :) Happy new year! :)

    Hi Tin! Yes, you should start yours, I'll be waiting for it. :)

  7. hey, i like ur list...most of those i plan to do too next year...

  8. Most of your 2012 goals are already in my system and routine except for #7. I should really put more time and effort on that. Thanks for the reminder. :D

  9. Hi yuuki! Thank you! :) Wish me luck! :)

    Hi Krysta! Good for you. :) Yes, we should exercise more. :)

  10. I'm with you on everything there! Good bucket list michy!

  11. Go! For all the financial-related goals, what I've learned from some wise person is that: Time has a more compounding effect than value. So the earlier you start, the better. :)

    Good luck and we'll all definitely keep in touch 2012 and beyond! :D

  12. Hi Lynne, I agree, that's why I'm so happy I started early. See you soon! :)

  13. Nos. 3, 4, 6, 7, 18 and 19! - hope i can also do the same=] HAve a great 2012! Godbless

  14. Madali lang mag-open ng stock exchange account... Prep mo lang yung requirements tapos deposit the money tapos call up Citiseconline to get the documents from you office...


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