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Starbucks and My Lucky Day

I started my day feeling so sleepy. Good thing I got to Ortigas a bit early that I headed to Starbucks to get my first sticker for the 2012 Planner. :) Yep, today's the first day of Starbucks Christmas Traditions Promo.

I got a Toffee Nut Latte this morning. And luckily, I got a customer voice receipt. :)

my customer voice receipt

For those who haven't heard of the customer voice receipt, it's Starbucks' way of evaluating customer service. In return, the lucky customer will get a complimentary tall beverage. :)

The barista was so patient in explaining to me what to do (though I already knew it. I was just too polite to bother telling him.) Because I already got a customer voice receipt a few months ago.

see my first sticker. yey! :)

Coffee = Happiness

It's my lucky day! :)


  1. Glad you had a great day! :) I'm not sure if I want to collect stickers for a Starbucks planner or if I'll just buy a BDJ planner.. >.<

    PS: Following you now :)

  2. I was approached by two office mates asking me to help with their sticker collection.

    Told them that the favor they're asking needs approval of my baby boy. Hehe :-D

  3. Hi Sumi! Thanks for following me! :)

    Hi Jane! Yep, nothing beats a free drink. :)

    Hi manong calbo! I kinda pressured my friends to help me last year. hahaha!

  4. I have never ever gotten one customer receipt to think coffee na nananalaytay sa veins ko. Haha

  5. Haha! You'll get lucky someday. Haven't claimed my free coffee yet. Lamig pa naman. :)


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