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PS I Love You

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I bought a copy of this book a few months back but I just got the chance to read it last long weekend. I watched the movie version for so many times that it has become one of my favorite movies.

The book is about a young widow named Holly, whose husband Gerry recently died of cancer. Knowing that Holly would have a difficult time moving on once he's gone, Gerry left letters that Holly had to open each month to help her move on. She cannot cheat, Gerry would know (as he had written in the first letter).

I could only imagine how difficult it is to move on when somebody suddenly leaves you though he doesn't want to.

I could only imagine the pain of watching somebody you love die and you can't do anything about it.

I could only imagine the feeling of being alone, that nobody knows how you really feel.

The feeling of being empty.

The feeling of being lonely.

I would not preempt what were written in the letters, but each message would melt my heart. I could just admire Gerry for having thought of leaving letters for his wife to remind her how much he loves her, that he doesn't want to go, but he cannot stay.

I hope you can understand how attached I am to this book, and to the movie version. Though the movie version is quite different from the book version, it didn't totally change the essense of the story (unlike some movie versions I know).

I really recommend that you read the book and watch the movie and maybe you'll fall in love just like I did. :)


  1. Hi! Haven't read the book but I watched the movie. I was so touched.

    I read her other book, though, Love, Rosie. It was soO good!

  2. Please try to read this book. I have read "If You Could See Me Now", it was good also. I'll list down Love Rosie on my list though. Thanks! :)

  3. I haven't read this book nor have watched the movie. But just by reading your entry, I can already predict that I'll shed a bucketful of tears if I ever read/watch this.

    I'll try to look for this book nga tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. You're welcome Sumi! :) If you love tearjerkers, you'll love this one. :)

  5. That's love, ladies and gentlemen. :)

  6. I have both as well. nakakaiyak no.

  7. Oo. Made me think about lots of things.

  8. kesoness hehehe :) don't wanna buy the book nor watch the movie cuz i can't fall in love again

  9. You can fall in love with the same person naman eh.hehe :)


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