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Petra & Pilar

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I met up with the PEx food club again after missing 2 meetups. Our constant curiosity brought us to Petra and Pilar.

The high-end carinderia is located at the heart of Makati. It was a Friday night so I expected that it would be crowded. I think it was an acoustic night. I noticed that most of the customers that night are barong-donned executives (this was also the common observation of our group). 

Pretty singer belting out Adele songs. She's good!

Petra and Pilar, named after the Katrina Ponce-Enrile's two grandmothers, offers both Filipino and Spanish cuisine. The menu is divided into two: the Filipino dishes are under Petra's menu while the Spanish dishes are under Pilar's menu.

We would love to order paella, but our tummies could not wait for an hour so we settled to ordering Filipino dishes.

The servings are for sharing, which is always a good thing for me.

We got Tortang Talong at Kalabasa Topped with Labahita (Php 150).

Tortang Talong at Kalabasa Topped with Labahita

It is eggplant omelet with pumpkin topped with salted fish. I wasn't able to appreciate this maybe because I'm not much into veggies.

We ordered the Binagoongang Liempo Sisig (Php 180).

Binagoongang Liempo Sisig

Binagoongang Liempo Sisig is minced lechon kawali sauteed with shrimp paste, onions, garlic, chili fingers cooked "sisig" style. I liked that the sisig is crunchy, but I wasn't able to taste the bagoong (shrimp paste).

I got curious with the Bulalo Steak (Php 280) so we ordered that too.

Bulalo Steak

Bulalo Steak is boiled beef shanks grilled with garlic brown sauce and served on a sizzling plate. I love beef! I liked that it's tender but no surprises here.

What's weird was we got appetizer last: we ordered Liempo Skins.

Liempo Skins

I liked the deep-fried thinly-sliced liempo. I ate it with my leftover rice while some made it as pulutan.

Overall, I appreciate the comfort food Petra and Pilar offers. However, I'm quite disappointed with the service. We were seated near the kitchen but I had a hard time calling any of the staff's attention. Maybe it was too loud, but it should make them more attentive to customers.

I was supposed to buy Delimondo products since I was told the corned beef was delicious, maybe I will next time.

I had a great time bonding with the group. I would like to congratulate Ray and Lynne on their engagement! I'm happy for you guys.

Maybe I'll go back to try the Paella, maybe not.


Petra & Pilar Restaurant
JAKA Center
Exportbank Drive corner Chino Roces Avenue

Makati City
Contact No. 8875168

E-mail address:


  1. Sayang I wasn't able to attend this food trip :) Glad you guys enjoyed your bonding session.

  2. Hi Sumi! Hope you can join us next time. ;)

  3. if you go back, lemme know! lets try it together? haha

  4. Hmm, I have to think about it. Are we going to finish the whole pan of paella? hahaha!


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