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The Cafe Mediterranean

Note: This location is already closed. 

I think my blog would not be complete if I will not write about my favorite restaurant. I think most people (or food bloggers) will agree, so forgive me if I will be a bit patronizing to this restaurant: The Cafe Mediterranean (or Cafe Med). I love Cafe Med so much that this is where I brought my college friends for my first dinner treat since I started working and this is also where I brought my project team for my birthday treat last year.

As I've mentioned in my previous blog posts, I'm partial to Mediterranean food. I'm glad my friend suggested that we go there to cheer me up.

We decided to move away from our usual kebab and ordered other Mediterranean dishes.

I was curious about the sandwiches so we ordered Pollo Panini (Php 215).

Pollo Panini

Pollo Panini (pronounced as 'poh-lo') is grilled chicken breast with mozzarella cheese and basil leaves, with fries on the side. I could really taste the herbs in this panini however I think this is more of a snack than a lunch dish.

My friend was craving for pasta so we got Pesto de Basilico (Php 275).

Pesto de Basilico

This is basil pesto with broccoli, grilled bell peppers, marble potatoes on spaghettini. My friend found it delicious. However, I found it a little bland since I'm somebody who loves putting so much parmesan on my pasta. This is a very healthy alternative to tomato pasta though.

We also ordered our favorite Greek dish, Moussaka (Php 225). We also got an additional regular pita (Php 20).


Moussaka is the classic Greek dish of layered eggplant, ground beef and bechamel sauce with two regular pitas. I could say that it is the Greek version of lasagna. I love how the bechamel sauce goes well with the eggplant and beef. This dish should not be missing every time we visit Cafe Med.

I love that Cafe Mediterranean has so many dishes on their menu that though I've been to this resto for so many times, there are still dishes that I have yet to try. I love the interiors that one would think I was brought to Greece. However, I would suggest that you should visit this particular branch during the evening to avoid the office crowd during lunch.

What can I say? I love love love Cafe Med.


The Cafe Mediterranean
Rockwell Business Center Tower 1
Ortigas Avenue
Pasig City
Contact No.2380517

Other branches include The Podium, Greenbelt 1, SM Mall of Asia and many more


  1. I'll try to eat here soon! :) I just need to convince the bf.. hahahaha XD

    Thanks for sharing this. The food looks so appetizing!

  2. Also one of my favorite restaurants. Good food and great service. Am about to do a review on them as well. I tend to stick to the Gyro Plates though. Interesting review. Makes me want to try out their other dishes. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sumi! Yep, you should bring your bf by force or by force (just like what I'm going to do with my bf).haha

    Hi Denise! I'm into kebabs, but I wanted to try different dishes for this review. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. Kami, when will you bring us here to treat us? =)

  5. Oh I miss this resto! It's one of my favorites as well :)

  6. Hi PTJ! You should visit Cafe Med soon. :)


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