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23 Things I Want for my Birthday

After a month of hiatus, I'm back to blogging! :) and yes, it's my birth month. I'm turning 23 this 22nd.

Rather than starting with another review, I'll be a little bit more ambitious (and selfish). So I listed down the things I want for my birthday.

Please bear with me if most of the things I listed down are outrageous that only Santa could give it to me. haha! :)

1. A day off (or week..or a month off)
- I just want a day when I could just relax and think about nothing. Of course, being with my dearest would be a big PLUS. ;)

2. Massage
- I love massages! I try to get a massage at least twice a month.

3. Nail Spa Package
- I'm a loyal customer of Luxe Nail Lounge. I'd love to try their Cocoon package.

4. Gym Membership
- My membership to 360 Fitness Club expired a few months ago. I miss doing circuit training and zumba. :\

5. Cake
- I'm a chocoholic. I love Ms. Polly's. 'nuff said.

6. Chocolates
- See above: I'm a chocoholic. :D

7. Red Mango frozen yogurt
- I love froyo! <3

8. Coffeemaker
- Dearest Santa, can you just give an espresso machine? *wink*

9. 2012 Starbucks Planner
- I want Spruce or Cherry. :)

10. UST Jacket
- I only have one and I want another jacket. ;)

11. The Twilight Saga
- Hardbound please.

12. The Hunger Games
- Hardbound also. :)

13. Nicholas Sparks books
- I only have "The Rescue" and "At First Sight". No movie covers please.

14. Fully Booked discount card
- If you can't give me a book, I'll appreciate a discount card. :D

15. Rubber shoes
- My only pair is past retirement age.

16. Ipanema
- I bought another Brazilian brand called Ginga, but I like Ipanema better.

17. Espadrilles
- size 6. color: pink. *wink*

18. More stillettos!
- I'm still a girl. I love stillettos. :D

19. Michael Jackson DVD
- Most people don't know is that I love Michael Jackson.

20. Britney Spears CDs
- I love her! :)

(Warning: this is the outrageous part)

21. Wii
- I was planning to buy one before my birthday, but my little brother might get addicted.

22. Samsung Galaxy S2
- Yeah, outrageous right?

23. iPad
- Or Kindle. as long as I get to read e-books.



  1. Hope you get a rich benefactor to fund all your wishes!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. you're wishlist seems doable naman e hehe goodluck and advance happy birthday. btw you have the same birthday as my late lolo.

  3. Hi Thirdy and Madie! Thanks for the greetings.

    Thirdy, BF might not be happy if I get a rich benefactor.hahaha. :)

    Madie, aww. I'll make a guess on your lolo's name: Cecilio? :)

  4. Nice wishlist! I like the Hunger Games books, too..and also the iPad. Hehe! Advance happy birthday! ^_^

  5. Sayang, I had the complete Twilight Saga, hardbound. Sold it a year ago though.. >.< Btw, I would want to have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPad too.. XD Anyway, advance happy birthday! :)

  6. I think I may be able to grant one wish. I think.

  7. Happy bday in advance :-)

    You can aim for the Samsung Galaxy and then download Kindle from the android market (for free) :-)

  8. Hi Sumi! Woah,I'm a year late for the Twilight Saga. :( Anyway, thanks a lot! :)

    Hi Kay! I hope it's the iPad.haha. Joking! Thanks!

    Hi z! Yeah, I have to seriously save so that I could buy a Galaxy. Thanks! :)

  9. Your wishlist is realistic. You should have seen mine. ^_^

    Happy birthday!

  10. Thanks! Which means I'm not yet into hallucinating.haha. :)

  11. happy birthday! that's a lot :-)

    i'm addicted to massage too

  12. happy birthday. susyal ng wishlist

  13. Hi totomai! Thanks! Yep, guess my age is a lot too. :\ Massage is a simple luxury everyone should get. :)

    Hi mots! ganon talaga. pangarap lang naman eh.hehe. :)

  14. I'm not hallucinating either. Just spoiled rotten. Hope you got some of the things on your list. ;)


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